What happens if I don't do chemo should I get cancer?
My mom died of breast cancer and her dad has had 7 different types of the stuff and is dying. I watched her die slowly and horribly over 6 years. I've already resolved that, should I be diagnosed with cancer that requires chemo, i wouldn't take it. My question is, what would happen next. Ideally, if I was in such a bad state to need chemo I would die quickly rather than having to resort to sky diving or base jumping. I just want to know how long that would be or what would happen. (Symptoms, etc.)I know this is bizarre but i'm one of those types of people who thinks about all of this and I need to know.
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There are around 200 different types of cancer.There are at least 6 different types of breast cancer.There are a variety of stages with all of these.Each one needs different treatment.In some cases chemo is not even suggested, others it is recommended to reduce the risk of recurrence, other times it is an integral part of the treatment and sometimes it barely slows the cancer down.How can you possibly make a decision about something that MIGHT happen in the future without knowing all the facts and repercussions?
Every type of cancer is different. Some grow fast and aggressive and some can sit there your whole life and not become an issue. If you wind up getting cancer then at that time you will need to asses your options with your physician and oncologist and determine the best course. If you are dead set on not receiving any treatment then you can cross that bridge when you get to it. Planning for the future is a good thing but dwelling on the negatives and thinking about how sick you might get will do nothing for your health in the mean time. Try to stay positive and be there for your dad right now. Think yourself a healthy future and you will be able to achieve it. Best wishes.
I'm sorry about your parents, but making such a decision on something that "might" happen, without even knowing the facts of every situation is, to be honest and blunt, just stupid. My tia (aunt) recently finished chemo and she's cancer free now with a low chance of a recurrence. There are so many types of cancers, and so many variables (early detection etc) that you can not make this type of a decision without knowing everything about your scenario, and since you're thinking in a 'what if' mode, you don't even have a scenario.
For the short answer, follow the arrow, for the long one, start reading here: <--------------------------------------------------- I first you need to understand how chemotherapy works. Chemotherapy drugs are some of the most I toxic substances ever put deliberately into the human body. They are known poisons and they I have been designed to be poisons. The basis of using chemotherapy began with experiments with I "mustard gas," the horrible chemical-warfare agents from World War I, promoting the idea of I poisoning the cancer cells. How-ever, this is simply not possible without poisoning the rest of the I immune system at the same time. Therefore chemotherapy effectively poisons the cancerous I cells in you body causing them to die. I Next, you need to know how cancer works. Cancer is effectively a genetic mutation in one of your I cells that cause the enzyme that controls the rate at which a cell divides doesn't work, and the cell I divides exponentially, forming a growth known as a tumor. Then, a mutation also inactivates the I gene that controls the repair of DNA, causing all the new copies of DNA to have the same enzyme I that controls division to be inactive, causing even mor growth. with the growth of the tumor, new I problems arises in the immediate location of the tumor, causing problems with the signaling unti I your brain can't tell your body what to do. \/ How chemo therapy prevents this is by killing of the cells hopefully just as fast or faster than the cancerous cells can divide by poisoning them. without chemo, the cells will divide unchecked, but your body is also not being poisoned by chemo treatment. resulting in a quicker, but less painful deathBy the way, I dont think that taking the easy way out is in any way the thing to do, chemo treatment, no matter how painful it is, can work in combating allot of different types of cancer, and it's very cowardly for you to want to give up on your only life like that.I wish your dad well
I had chemo and was nowhere near death. Saying no to chemo doesn't necessarily mean you will have a quick death. If I had said no I would have had a long slow and very painful death. By having chemo I am hoping that I will live many more healthy years.Enjoy your life and stop worrying about what will probably never happen.
I have also had chemo & i totally agree with what "Meg" said!
I'm with Tarkarri, Jen and Meg, You see, I refused chemo the first time with my breast cancer. I had a mastectomy that was done by an idiot of a surgeon. He wasn't an Oncologist/surgeon and he's has no business performing surgeries he doesn't study on. So said my Oncologist. Long story short, I had a total of 10 tumors but only one was the nasty kind of cancer. I ended up having the second mastectomy and the first one had to be redone and my Oncologist found another tumor in the tissue that was left by the first idiot. Well , to me it was a sign, don't mess with your life. If you have or get a second chance like I did, I believe you should take. I'm sorry, but you're basing your life on "What If' You can't live like that. My younger sister beat so many kinds of cancer that she is considered a medical wonder. Each time she had chemo or radiation sometimes both. She got brain cancer again for the 3rd time as well as bone, leukemia and now she's terminal and chemo will do no good. But she gave her life a darn good fight and I'm proud of her. Stop worrying, when you get old enough to have mammograms, get them, If they find a lump, have it removed, Don't be silly and refuse treatments. You may not get your second chance.
You will die earlier. If you have Stage 4 cancer you will die in 4-5 months without chemo. Why do people ask if they have cancer on here? Only a doctor would know plus there are many kinds of cancer.

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Breast cancer is a disease in which cancer cells grow in the breast tissue.

Cancer occurs when cells in the body divide without control or order. If cells keep dividing uncontrollably, a mass of tissue forms. This is called a growth or tumor. The term cancer refers to malignant tumors. They can invade nearby tissue and spread to other parts of the body.

Although most people think of breast cancer as affecting women, men can develop breast cancer as well. Breast cancer in men can be more aggressive.

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