Size of an Assisted Living Residence

What is the average size of an assisted living residence?

Its safe to say that there is no typical size of an assisted living residence. After all, the multitude of individuals and their families who are on the search for an assisted living residence are accustomed to a huge variety of living situations, and as such, many different types of homes available are to fit the populations needs.

Assisted living residences come in all sizes and styles, and they vary in appearance, room layout, privacy, and types of services offered. An assisted living residence could be a small home with just a few people, or a high-rise apartment building with hundreds of residents. All facilities are the same in that they offer private living quarters and common areas for meals, socializing and activities. Many have gardens, fireplaces, atriums, and couches. Usually, the central dining areas look more like banquet rooms and often offer entertainment during or after meals.

Living quarters could be just a single room, or a full one or two-bedroom apartment. Apartment-style assisted living facilities include a kitchenette, and some include a full kitchen. Prepared meals would still be served in a common dining area regardless of whether or not there are private kitchens. Some residences offer private rooms with private baths, others only offer single rooms shared with one or more seniors. Detached or attached housing is not compatible with assisted living since it hinders the ability to monitor the elders health, and is not an option in any residency. Most residences are built to be very comfortable and home-like, equipped to the benefit of the residents.

Assisted living residences are a great option for elders who do not need a nursing home, but require assistance with day-to-day activities. Whats also great is that these facilities offer different levels of care, with more costs attached to more care, so seniors can always adjust the care to go along with their changing needs. A lot of residences are associated with a nursing home, and the patients of these places have easier access to additional services when needed. It is very important to assess the seniors needs and abilities before choosing the style of the assisted living residence. Some seniors would prefer to remain independent and live in a private apartment-type setting while others prefer to live with others and receive constant care.
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