10 Fun Facts About Patricia Heaton

Happy 53rd birthday, Patricia! What isnt to love about Ms. Heaton? Shes funny, successful, good-looking and isnt afraid to stand up for what she believes in. In honor of her special day, here are ten things we bet you didnt know about The Middle star.

1. In 1987, Heaton made her first and only Broadway appearance in the chorus of Dont Get God Started. She did, however, star in several off-Broadway plays before she and her classmates formed an acting troupe called Stage Three

2. She auditioned for the role of Elaine on Seinfeld in 1990.

3. Before landing her most famous role of Debra Barone on Everybody Loves Raymond in 1996, Heaton was featured in three short-lived sitcomsRoom for Two, Someone Like Me and Women of the House.

4. Heaton actually had some stiff competition for the role of Debra. While the network executives wanted to cast actress Jane Sibbett, Ray Romano fought for Heaton, saying she was much closer to how he pictured Debra. Well, were glad Ray won the argument!

5. She has been married to her second husband, British actor David Hunt, for almost eleven years. Together, they have four sons. The kids influenced the name of Patty and Davids own production company, FourBoys Films.

6. Heaton was pregnant during the filming of Seasons 1 and 3 with her two youngest sons. During Season 1, the writers tied her pregnant belly into the storyline of the finale with a flashback to Debras pregnancy with their daughter Ally. Heaton was pregnant again during Season 3, but you would never know since it wasnt written into the show. To cover up her baby bump, theyd have her stand behind couches or refrigerator doors, sit at tables or hold laundry baskets during scenes.

7. In 2000, she won an Emmy Award for Best Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, thanks to her work on Everybody Loves Raymond. The episode that was up for consideration was Bad Moon Rising from Season 4the plot revolved around Debra (Heatons character) dealing with PMS. 8. Heaton, who is an avid golfer, attended the Greater LA USA Golf Tournament to benefit the Bob Hope USO at LAX. 9. It may not be her number one claim to fame, but Heaton has also appeared in ads for Pantene hair-care products. 10. Heaton is a very outspoken Republican. She is also the Honorary Chair of Feminists for Life, an organization that supports pro-life causes based on feminism and is against abortion and embryonic stem cell research.
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