Boomer Home Shopping Queens

  • Susan Lucci She’s not playing All My Children’s Erica Kane anymore, but Lucci, 64, has another source of income in her Home Shopping Network lines. Her jewelry, makeup and fitness lines, begun in 2002, constantly sell out on HSN to fans who snap up everything from bangle bracelets ($19.95) to Pilates machines ($289.95).
  • Ramona Singer The Real Housewife of New York, 55, noted for her interest in jewelry, has her own line on HSN, and it is pricey. Her pearl, white topaz and diamond pendant is $899.90, and that’s a lot to fork over, even with four easy payments of $224.98.
  • Iman The former supermodel, married to megastar David Bowie, is relentlessly energetic about plugging her HSN brand Global Chic. With extensive behind-the-scenes videos, Iman, 55, shares the stories of how her handbags, clothing and jewelry come into being. The prices are reasonable, too: A pair of knee-high boots for $89.95
  • Paula Deen Fat, butter, salt and sugar are everyday ingredients in Paula Deen’s world. But in her line for QVC, the down-home food queen, 63, emphasizes kitchen accessories for the serious cook. She wouldn’t be Paula, however, if she didn’t offer a readymade Chocolate and Peanut Butter Gooey Cake.
  • Christie Brinkley The ideal All-American girl, at 57, is still working. She’s not a model anymore, but she’s got a line of eyeglasses, skin care products and a fragrance of her own. She’s also worth $80 million.
  • Marie Osmond Osmond, 51, loves her dolls – and why not? They’ve been good to her. She’s been selling the porcelain figurines since 1991 on QVC, and while the shopping channel still carries some of the dolls (for about $125 each), Osmond has moved on to retail stores as a venue for her doll sales.
  • Joan Lunden Like Susan Lucci, Lunden, 60, is a TV figure who’s branched out into her own lines. She has a home-decorating line on QVC as well as a skin-care line with high-quality Murad products.
  • Suzanne Somers Although she played the dumb bunny Chrissy on Three’s Company, Somers , 64, is very, very smart when it comes to marketing herself. Beginning with the classic Thighmaster in the 1990, she went on to successfully sell dozens of products, including almost 20 best-selling books covering diet, autobiography, sex and illness.
  • Marilu Henner After Henner’s parents died, the Taxi actress began to devote herself to healthy vegetarian eating and living. Since then, Henner, 59, has written eight best-selling books on health and parenting, including the memorably titled I Refuse To Raise A Brat. She also leads online exercise classes on her website,
  • Kathy Ireland It’s no exaggeration to say that the former model, 48, rules over an empire. Her financial interests includesuccessful Kmart lines and everything from baby clothes to home furnishings, all with the pretty, ordinary-woman touch that’s made Kathy so successful.