Camille Grammer Doesn't Need A Man Right Now

Camille Grammer: I Don't Need A Man

Going through a divorce is never easy. Add an A-list ex and a quickie split so he can marry someone more than a decade younger than you, and it seems to be an impossible hurdle to climb. But Camille Grammer is making the hike, literally.

"I went on a two-and-half hour hike yesterday," "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star revealed to Third Age exclusively during the NBC Universal All-Stars Party inside SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. It's just one of the secrets the 42-year-old uses to keep up her resolve.  She likes to "hang with good friends, and my kids are amazing," she shared.  Camille, who uses Epicuren Facial Emulsion, also suggests having "a good dermatologist." 

Camille Grammer was married to actor and producer Kelsey Grammer, 56, for 13 years before the couple filed for divorce in July 2010. The proceedings went into overdrive this past February as Kelsey wed his 29-year-old girlfriend Kayte Walsh.  Still, that hasn't broken Camille's spirit. 

"I don't even think I can say I married the wrong person because I loved my husband when I married him," Camille confessed. "If I could have looked into a crystal ball when I was 20, who knows. Life happens, and you never know what's going to happen."

Now the single mom is concentrating on the most important aspect of her life, her children: daughter Mason Olivia, 10, and son, Jude Gordon, 6. "My existence is pretty boring. My nights are snuggled up watching Selena Gomez with my daughter and son," she said with a laugh. "That is what is my life is right now." Camille is slowly getting back into the dating scene. "I like people that are smart and have a wicked sense of humor… that's probably why I fell in love with Kelsey because he's very funny," she said. "Though it is not all about looks, it helps if he is cute." Her children remain her first priority. "I've gone on a couple of dates, and if they look the wrong way, I'm sorry. I'm not going to waste my time. It's all about my children. They have to like children– and if not, good-bye." Not that being on her own is easy. "It's difficult. I miss having a partner in my life," Camille admitted. "But I realize that in my life now, I don't need a man to make me feel complete. So that's what I feel really good about." And with Gloria Gaynor's female anthem "I Will Survive," as her soundtrack, Camille moves forward. "I think I've had a very blessed life," she declared. "I have wonderful children, I have an amazing family that have been so supportive, and great friends. For me I feel really fortunate and blessed, so there are no regrets." Delaina Dixon is a writer and editor who loves reporting on all aspects of celebrity lifestyle.You can see more of her work, with her own dash of DIVAness, at  
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