Celeb Boomer Grandparents

  • Martin Sheen Martin Sheen has played more than one American president, but he’s had a tough time playing a grandfather. Sheen has six grandchildren: one, Paloma Rae, from his son, actor Emilio Estevez, and five from another son, beleaguered star Charlie Sheen. The elder Sheen, who is 70, recently called Charlie “emotionally crippled,” but has remained mum about his grandsons Bob and Max, Charlie’s twins with Brooke Mueller. As Charlie tours the country on his “Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not An Option Show” tour and Mueller enters rehab again, Martin may have to become a more involved grandpa soon – whether Charlie likes it or not.
  • Jim Carrey At 47 years old, Jim Carrey is a very young grandfather, but it doesn’t make him any less excited about the role. Carrey became a grandfather in February 2010, when his daughter Jane gave birth to a son, Jackson Riley Santana. Prolific Tweeter Carrey posted a photo of his grandson almost immediately after his birth, saying “This is what 7lbs. 11oz. of Calfornia dynomite looks like!” We’d correct Carrey’s Tweet, but it’s just too cute!
  • Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell Goldie Hawn, 65, and Kurt Russell, 60, are one of only a few romantic Hollywood success stories, and their familial joy has reached another generation. Hawn had two children, Oliver and Kate, with musician Bill Hudson, but she and Hudson split in 1980. She and Russell got together in 1983, and Russell raised Oliver and Kate as his own children from then on. The pair became grandparents in 2004, when actress Kate gave birth to her son, Ryder Russell Robinson. They became grandparents again in 2007 and 2010 when actor Oliver became a dad to Wilder Brooks and Bodhi Hawn Hudson. They’re gearing up for a new grandchild now: Kate is expecting again. Hawn gushed about the new addition to Us Magazine earlier this year, but don’t call her grandma: Hawn told Oprah Winfrey that her grandkids call her Go-Go. Works for us!
  • Whoopi Goldberg Multitalented Whoopi Goldberg was a very young mom – she gave birth to daughter Alexandrea when she was just 18, long before she was an acclaimed comedian and Oscar winner. By age 34, Goldberg was a grandmother, and now she has three grandchildren to dote on: Amarah Skye, Jerzey and Mason. But at 55 years old, Goldberg says she’s not ready for them to have kids. “I made it clear that should the oldest one decide that was a good possibility that I would yank her tubes out with my bare hands,” Goldberg told the Daily Mail. “I accepted the grandmother thing in my thirties, but great-grandchildren I’m not doing!” She sounds pretty serious – let’s hope her granddaughter got the message!
  • Dr. Phil Dr. Phil McGraw helps families work through their issues on his self-titled show, but he’s not having trouble at home. At 60 years old, McGraw has a one-year-old granddaughter, Avery Elizabeth, and another grandchild on the way. “I plan to be the typical doting grandfather that gets to do all the fun stuff and none of the tough stuff,” McGraw told People after announcing that he is preparing for grandchild number two.
  • Blythe Danner Blythe Danner lost her husband Bruce Paltrow before her daughter, actress Gwyneth Paltrow, had children, so she goes it alone as a grandmother. Danner cannot say enough good things about her daughter and grandchildren, Apple and Moses Martin, but she says she tries not to over-grandparent. “They can go on forever with one idea just for hours and hours and hours, such as playing school or playing hide and seek and all of that stuff. I love all that,” the 68-year-old told RoleMommy.com, noting that when she doesn’t have toys around for the kids, they just make up their own games. Danner also said she wasn’t interested in being called “grandma,” so she and her granddaughter Apple decided on “Lalo” together. Danner also says her son, Jake, recently got married, so she’s hoping for more grandchildren soon. The clock is ticking!
  • Paul McCartney Paul McCartney spent his twenties driving parents and grandparents around the world crazy with his long hair and loud music, but now the tables have turned and 68-year-old McCartney is a grandfather himself – seven times over! His daughters, Mary and Stella McCartney, have three and four children respectively, ranging in age from 11 years old to just six months. In 2006, his grandchildren gave him a very special 64th birthday gift – they recorded their own version of the Beatles’ hit “When I’m 64” at London’s famous Abbey Road Studios. Who could ask for a better present?
  • Sarah Palin Sarah Palin is no stranger to controversies, and one of 2008’s biggest scandals involved the 44-year-old vice-presidential nominee becoming a grandmother. Palin’s campaign staff confirmed her teenage daughter Bristol’s pregnancy during the 2008 Republican convention, and the scandalous story made Palin’s family a target of blogs and tabloids. But Palin took it all in stride, and as Bristol moved into the spotlight, she had her mom’s support the whole way.