Happy Birthday, Glenn Close!

  • Glenn Close, who’s played some of the most villainous women in the history of film, turns 65 today. Close is a respected performer who’s received a number of awards, including three Tonys for her theatre work. But when it’s time for the Oscars, she’s always the bridesmaid and never the bride. She’s gotten six nominations and lost every time. The latest defeat: this year she was nominated for her role in “Albert Nobbs,” but lost to Meryl Streep’s portrayal of Margaret Thatcher. Here are a few other things you might not know about her:

    She's Got A Great Movie Souvenir

    Her best known role, that of psycho mistress Alex Forrest in 1987's “Fatal Attraction,” is one of Close’s favorites, too. “The best thing I have is the knife from ‘Fatal Attraction,’” she’s said. “I hung it in my kitchen. It's my way of saying, Don't mess with me.”
  • She Was Raised In A Few Countries Her father, William Talliafero Close, ran a medical clinic in what was then the Belgian Congo and was later the personal physician to dictator Mobutu Sese Seko after the country was renamed Zaire. During that time, the adolescent Close alternated between staying in Africa and going to a Swiss boarding school.
  • She Spent Years In A "Cult" Although it’s common knowledge that Close appeared in the super-positive singing group Up With People, what may be less known is that the group was an outgrowth of a movement known as Moral Re-Armament. Close, who lived with her parents in MRA communal centers, has called the group a “cult,” which “dictated everything about how we lived our lives.” Close left the group when she went to college.
  • She's Done Major Voiceovers Close has worked in dozens of movies but hasn’t always appeared on screen: In the 1984 movie, "Greystoke: Legend of Tarzan, Lord of The Apes, she dubbed Annie MacDowell’s dialogue because the director felt that MacDowell (left) sounded too southern.
  • She Won A Beauty Contest (Sort Of) In 2007, she was chosen as "People" magazine’s one of the most Beautiful People In The World Over 60.
  • Her Daughter Is Friends With Demi Moore's Oldest Daughter She has one daughter, Annie Starke, with producer John Starke. Annie is good friends with Demi Moore’s daughter Rumer Willis and was in Moore’s home earlier this year when the actress apparently collapsed from drug use.
  • She's A Dog Lover Close writes a blog for Fetchdog.com, a site she and husband David Shaw founded, to raise money for animal charities like Broadway Barks (left). In her blog, Close interviewers celebrities like Martha Stewart, Kevin Bacon and Lauren Bacall about their love for dogs.
  • She Didn't Wear Fur Despite her love of dogs, she played the viciously anti-dog villain Cruella de Vil in "102 Dalmatians" in 2000. However, Cruella's costume was made completely from black-and-white bubble wrap.
  • She's Worn Pink Pajamas In Public On the set of her 2007 television series “Damages,” in which she plays a hard-bitten lawyer, “ Close happily walked around in a pair of loose-fitting pink pajamas. "It was really comfortable and I didn't have to wear the usual pair of gorgeous but savage high-heels.”
  • She's A Bigger Drama Queen Than Patti LuPone In 1994, Andrew Lloyd Webber picked her to replace Broadway legend Patti LuPone in "Sunset Boulevard" before the elaborate production arrived on Broadway. That may not be as prestigious as an Oscar, but it's still a big contest to win.