Happy Birthday, Mick Jagger!

  • Mick Jagger, the most enduring rock star ever, turns 68 today. Here, some of the most memorable moments from the ultimate Stone’s five-decade career.


    This makes it into nearly everyone’s top five list of the greatest rock songs of all time. Jagger’s snide, cynical vocals provided an alternative for kids who were a bit tired of hearing the Beatles sing about love and holding hands.
  • It's All Over Now From the 1964 LP "12 x 5." Not as well known as it should be, this song, written by R&B artist Bobby Womack, shows Jagger’s love for blues and soul music.
  • Lady Jane You either like it or you don’t, but it was a big hit. But it's notable because Jagger often sat down for a while when he sang this “Elizabethan”-style ballad. Maybe he didn’t like it, either.
  • Beast Of Burden As Jagger grew older, he didn't lose any of his sexiness or sarcasm. Witness the key phrase of this song, sung in falsetto: "Am I tough enough? Ooo!"
  • Waiting On A Friend This melancholy song, with a solo by legendary saxophonist Sonny Rollins, talks about Jagger waiting for a woman to show up. Somehow, we don’t think that happened too much in his off-stage life.
  • It's Only Rock'n'Roll Jagger and Tina Turner scored a high-energy duet with this song at the Live Aid concert in 1985.
  • Dancing In The Street From the opening shot of Jagger’s white Reeboks, you know this is going to be one dorky video. How could he dance that way after twenty years of erotic gyrating on stage? The upside is that he recorded it with David Bowie to benefit Live Aid.
  • Start Me Up Originally appearing on 1981’s "Tattoo You," "Start Me Up" got a new life fourteen years later as a theme for Windows 95 commercials in which a rockin' commuter checked out the new product.de is that he recorded it with David Bowie to benefit Live Aid.
  • Salt Of The Earth Jagger performed this track from the 1969 album "Beggar’s Banquet" at the Concert For New York City, one month after 9/11, as a tribute to the rescue workers who lost their lives, and the ones who carried on.
  • Everybody Needs Somebody To Love Returning to his roots (this song was written by the late R&B singer/composer Solomon Burke), Jagger stunned the 2011 Grammy audience with a performance that would have been high-energy even for a performer half his age. Rock on, Mick.