This Is What 60 Looks Like

  • It wasn’t so long ago that 60-year-old women, no matter how fabulous they looked, were considered over the hill, washed up and past their prime. But as Christine Baranski shows, that’s not even remotely true. The “Good Wife” actress, who will be celebrating her 60th soon, is as chic, trim and put together as she ever was. (The bold red lipcolor is a shrewd touch.) And in case you think she’s an exception, here are six other actresses, all reaching 60 this year, who show us how fabulous that age can be:
  • Annie Potts One of the three “Designing Women” in the 1980s, Potts she actually looks better now. Her gamine haircut emphasizes her petite frame, and a chic animal-print dress is absolutely up to date.
  • Frances Fisher Kate Winslet's overpowering mother in "Titanic" keeps her hair a pale shade of red that sets off her translucent skin.
  • Beverly Johnson The first African-American supermodel, Johnson knows how to take care of her beauty. Her hair is dramatic, but her makeup is understated and that avoids a trying-too-hard look.
  • Sharon Osbourne Ozzy's wife laughs a lot, but there’s nothing jokey about the way she takes care of her looks and her image. Her hair is always perfect, she wears fabulous red-carpet dresses and, maybe most impressive of all, she has an air of unflappable confidence.
  • Susan Dey The former Laurie Partridge (“The Partridge Family”) and Grace Van Owen (“L.A. Law”) has the kind of delicate skin that looks young almost forever. This is why you should keep sun exposure to a minimum.
  • The former “Taxi” star, who’s created a health and fitness empire over the years, seems to have benefited from her own advice. She follows a dairy-free diet and exercises daily. The lesson: fitness and good health are just as important as having the right makeup or enough Botox.