He's Energizing The GOP

Why I Like Donald Trump

Donald Trump arrives on the red carpet for the 83rd annual Academy Awards at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood on February 27, 2011. UPI/Phil McCarten
“You really like Donald Trump?” friends say their voices rising high with incredulity. To them it is if I suddenly were extolling the merits of, say, bedbugs.  But hey, even the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal have blown a few beams of sunshine at The Donald in recent days.  David Brooks in The New York Times, after taking several swipes, also declared he would never want to live in a country without people like Trump.  And the Wall Street Journal noted Trump’s candidacy for the White House was gaining ground. The WSJ also reported that though he makes some serious Republican pols nervous, other like his honesty and his not-politics-as-usual approach. They are getting really excited in Iowa  about the ultimate New Yorker coming to town for a dinner in June.   So why am I saying, go, Donald, go, if not exactly go and run, Donald.  Because he has added a lot more excitement and energy at the moment to the Republican field.  It seems as if he is giving a look-and-learn demonstration to other possible candidates that a winner today needs to have great self-confidence, be something different and be able to  capture the attention of the voracious 24/7 media.   Exactly the same playbook candidate Obama used in 2008, albeit with a somewhat different style.   And talking about Trump and Obama, I think he is voicing what a lot of people think about our distant and disengaged President.  Trump, like many in America, was a great fan of the President.  In 2008 he told The New York Times, “I think he has the chance to be a great president.” Wasn’t that exactly what many of us hoped?  But he also said at that time, “Now, if he's not a great president, this country is in serious trouble."   Flamboyant, publicity-seeking, hey, even obnoxious are all adjectives that have been used and are still being used  about Trump.  But looking at those quotes, couldn’t we also include prescient?   Another thing I like about Trump--he tells it like it is. He says common-sense things, and he says them very, very  loud, which makes lots of people  very, very uncomfortable. No, I don’t believe his coy insinuations about the President’s birthplace,  but isn’t he right that the whole issue would end in a heartbeat if the President would just show his darn birth certificate. Why doesn’t he?     And he’s talking tough and consistently about China and OPEC---you’re right, Donald, they are not our friends—and that’s a refreshing change after our current wobbly policies.  The most effective and honored President of the last forty years,  when asked how  to deal with the most complex and terrifying problem of the time , the threat of annihilating  nuclear war with the Soviets, was very clear about his foreign policy aims.  Ronald Reagan said, “We win. They lose.”  And we did.    So maybe Donald Trump won’t have the chance to tell Barack Obama , “You’re fired,” but his straight talk is getting us all keyed up about this most important election. Maybe Trump is doing it for his ratings but, in a way, he is benefiting us all.       --Marie Reid       

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