My total cholesterol is 174, hdl is 72, ldl is 93. There is an asterisk next to the hdl value.?
Is my hdl level too low or too high? This is a concern for me.I'm a 26 yo female.
Posted 3 years ago in Other by JingleHorse


Typically, an * on a lab report means that the level is out of the normal range. The normal range of HDL's for a femal is approximately 30-90. 72 is within the normal limits. For men though, the range is 25-65. Perhaps the lab didn't enter your demographics, and the upper limit of the normal range is not accurate on your lab report. In my opinion, your results are normal.By the way...your Total Cholesterol and LDL's are also optimal, or within normal limits. Sounds like you are eating right and exercising!
You are absolutely fine Kateo, don't try to see too much in medical reports. Erratic reports do come. Standard values are also different with different machines and reagents.This is the necessary evil with the advancement and sophistication in electronic gazettery.If you want to be sure get rechecked at a different lab. Always remember that your own body is the best analyser itself and anything going wrong or even before it is to go wrong, the body shall tell you. Respect your body. Be happy , nothing wrong with your reports. Good luck.

What is High Cholesterol

You have this condition if there are high levels of cholesterol in the blood. There are three parts of cholesterol:

  • Low density lipoproteins (LDL)-known as bad cholesterol. It causes build up of cholesterol and other fats in the blood vessels. High LDL levels can cause artery and heart disease.
  • High density lipoproteins (HDL)-known as good cholesterol. It can remove cholesterol and other fats from the blood vessels. High levels of HDL can protect against heart disease.
  • Triglycerides-a common form of fat in the body. Often elevated in people with diabetes or certain genetic conditions.
  • Particles-proteins associated with certain types of cholesterols in the body. These may be a better signal about your risk of developing disease in the blood vessels.

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