Ten Crazy Ways To Avoid Colds

  • If you feel that you’ve heard the traditional anti-cold advice once too often, check out these alternate steps that can actually make it fun to fight germs:

    Get Dancin' Research indicates that exercise strengthens your immune system, making it more resistant to colds. But that doesn’t mean you to walk around your neighborhood park all the time. Instead, get up and dance to your favorite music for the recommended 30 minutes four or five times a week. Whether you're doing in the kitchen or at a club, you get the same benefits!

  • Have A Manicure Biting your nails after you’ve touched some surfaces is one of the most efficient ways of giving yourself some cold germs. If you’ve got that habit, get yourself a manicure so that it will be harder to chomp on your nails. Go for the best manicure you can afford – you’re not likely to sink your teeth into a high-priced mani.
  • Sing Out Anything that gets your nasal membranes moist is good, because dry membranes are easier for germs to latch on to. So start shouting your favorite songs in the shower. Let your family members protest; you’re doing what’s best for you!
  • Go Antiquing Do something you haven’t done in a while, like taking a scenic car trip, catching a movie, or spending the afternoon at a museum. The key here: Do it with a friend or family member. Research has shown that people who have good social networks are less likely to catch cold than more solitary folks.
  • Have Great Sex The overall health benefits of sex have been extensively documented – it’s good exercise, it correlates with lower risk of heart disease and stroke – and it makes the immune system stronger. A study conducted at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania found that participants who had sex more than twice a week had higher levels of the antibody immunoglobulin A, which strengthens the immune system.
  • Get Some Housecleaning Help Although having a cleaning lady come in every two weeks or so might seem like an extravagance, what you pay is probably around the same as a few dinners out or a couple of fabulous dresses. And your household helper will make sure that all surfaces – kitchen, bathroom, bedroom – are thoroughly cleaned, making them germ-free.
  • Buy A Soothing CD Sleep is another activity that boosts your immune system. If you’re having a fit of insomnia, get a relaxation CD designed to help people fall asleep, or a nature-sounds one (rain, waves) that will help you drift off and get up rested and ready to fight against lurking germs.
  • Give Yourself Some Alone Time The reason we get colds in the winter isn’t that the weather is cold; it’s that we’re indoors more and are more crowded together – circumstances that make it easier for germs to travel around. You don’t have to be a hermit, by any means, but don’t spend too much time in crowded malls, either.
  • Use Paper Towels It’s not the most ecologically correct step to take, but using paper towels while a family member has a cold can stop spreading those germs to you and others. Keep them in the bathroom, kitchen and anyplace else you use cloth towels.
  • Save Some Money The belief that Vitamin C is a super cold fighter is almost universal. However, there’s no evidence to show that megadoses can help you. Instead of buying high-priced vitamins, get your Vitamin C naturally from foods like oranges and tomatoes.