What does yellow snot mean in a cold or congestion?
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When you have a cold and you are congested with yellow snot it means that your body is in the process of fighting an infection. Not only does this happen when you have a cold but it could also be due to smoking.

What is Yellow Fever

Yellow fever is a disease carried by female mosquitoes of two species ( Aedes and Haemogogus species). Mosquitoes pass yellow fever to humans through a small amount of saliva when they bite. The species of mosquito that carry yellow fever are native to sub-Saharan Africa and South America.

Yellow fever can cause Seasonal Influenza -like symptoms, yellowing of both the skin and the whites of the eyes, and can cause death. Yellow fever is a rare disease in travelers because many get the vaccine, but is endemic in impoverished areas because the people cannot afford to get vaccinated. If you live in or have recently visited sub-Saharan Africa or South America, and believe you may have yellow fever, see your doctor.

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