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Finding the right Assisted Living Facility can be a tiring process. Some people may be more concerned with the services offered, while others want to find something affordable, and unfortunately residential care homes in Texas are not all the same. So it is important that you thoroughly research the facilities you are considering. Learn more about the Heartland assisted living facility in Bedford, TX, including services offered, bed capacity and contact information.

Heartland Location Information

2001 Forest Ridge Drive
Bedford, Texas 76021
(817) 571-6804

Room Features: Cable TV Ready ($), Emergency Call System, Grab bars, Phone ready, Temperature Controls, Private Bathrooms
Bed Capacity: 120

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This facility (see profile at www.ourparents.com/22861) is an average sized, for profit, nursing home with 120 beds based in Bedford, TX. At last check, the facility had 78 residents indicating that it is 65% occupied which is about average within the state of Texas. The provider accepts both medicare and medicaid programs, and provides resident and family counseling services. This nursing home and assisted living facility, is not located in a hospital or a continuing care retirement community (CCRC). As of October 2009, the medicare rating for Heartland Health Care Center, was 1 star, which is a lower rating than 72% of nursing homes in Texas. Important to note that this facility has recently detriorated and has gone from 2 stars to 1 stars. As compared to state averages for staffing, the number of registered nurse (RN) hours per resident per day is about average; Certified nursing assistant (CNA) hours per resident per day is about average; The number of licensed practical (LPN) or vocational nurse hours per resident per day is about average. The most recent health inspection was on 05/15/2009. When comparing the health condition of long stay residents to other nursing homes in Texas, it is more likely for residents to be given influenza vaccination during the flu season for lowrisk residents to lose control of their bowels and it is less likely for residents to lose too much weight. When comparing the health condition of short stay residents to other nursing homes in Texas, it is more likely for residents to have moderate to severe pain. To view the free and independent profile for this facility (its services, cost information, etc.), to understand more about its Medicare rating, and to view nearby alternatives go to www.ourparents.com/22861
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On June 25, 2009 Heartland completed an evaluation on my spouse and accepted him in there Skilled Nursing Center. He was transfered by EMS from Medical CityDallas and arrived at Heartland around 3:30pm on June 25, 09. This Center was not prepared for him, they had been faxed his list of required medication and the procedures as to how each were to be given; none of this was in place. He was and still is a very ill individual. They could not and did not access his MedaPort until the following morning at 8am and then the clamp was still on so that the fluid could not flow,it had air bubbles in the line and his port had not been flushed as it had been 16 hrs since it had last been accessed. They flused his Port out in the lobby and did not use gloves or alcohol to sterlize during this process. He had not had ANY of his required medication until 16 hrs after he had arrived and was placed in there care! and then it was only fluids. In addition, they were informed that he was on and required a full liquid diet, what did they serve him, pureed meat, dry mashed potatoes and pureed veg of some type. He suffers from stomach cancer and there was NO WAY that he could eat the food served. I told them at ever meal time that he required cream soup, broth or even ice cream. It just did not sink in. On the evening of 6/27/09, they didn't even bring him anything to eat, I had to locate a nurse and ask for something, she found some melted ice cream on a leftover food tray, the kitchen was closed so after 45 min brought him some broth. By this time, since he had not been receiving his medication timely nor food, he was vomiting. Finally, he calmed down and was able to keep some of the broth down. Then, that same evening,the Dr.at the Center came to us @8PM and stated that he was sending my husband back to Medical CityDallas Emergency area on a Friday night,by EMS and the reason was that he was vomiting (that what he wrote on the readmission order). The real reason, which he told us with a nurse present, was that they did not have an RN on staff at night and was unable to administer his medication as prescribed for which they had stated they could. I called the Dr. that had released him from Medical CityDallas and she wanted to speak to the readmitting Dr. He was very rude with me, he took a long deep loud sigh, he did not want to explain anything to the other Dr. This VERY ILL man, who is now in a Long Term Acute Care Facility, did not get settled into his hospital room at Medical CityDallas,until 3 AM the morning of June 28, 2009. This facility may be a Nursing Home, but diffently not a Skilled Nursing Center, as they do not have the appropriate staff that would justify there claim as SKILLED. I would not recommed anyone that requires more than oxygen, pills, pureed food and a bed to go there. If you love the person, do not send then to the Heartland Health Care Center.
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I spent 1/2 hour trying to contact somebody who could tell me about my brother who is at the facility as a patient. Noone would answer the phone! Why?
Source: Google

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