Cypress Manor in Roper, North Carolina

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Finding the right Assisted Living Facility can be a tiring process. Some people may be more concerned with the services offered, while others want to find something affordable, and unfortunately residential care homes in North Carolina are not all the same. So it is important that you thoroughly research the facilities you are considering. Learn more about the Cypress Manor assisted living facility in Roper, NC, including services offered, bed capacity and contact information.

Cypress Manor Location Information

Po Box 340
Roper, North Carolina 27970

Bed Capacity: 40

Reviews & Ratings of Cypress Manor

Cypress Manor 2

This facility has kind workers and residents, but management does not understand how to work with family members in resident's best interest, not does it allow any discussion about residents' rights. As a state Adult Care Home it is subject to the NC Dept of Health and Human Services Resident Bill of Rights - not whims of interim guardians or others who wish to control residents in ways that don't respect these rights. They retaliate against those who expect their rights and those who try to insist their loved ones be protected by those rights they don't seem to want to even DISCUSS anything to do with rights. Retaliation and insult by staff members is not acceptable.

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