Oakcrest Village in Baltimore, Maryland

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Finding the right Assisted Living Facility can be a tiring process. Some people may be more concerned with the services offered, while others want to find something affordable, and unfortunately residential care homes in Maryland are not all the same. So it is important that you thoroughly research the facilities you are considering. Learn more about the Oakcrest Village assisted living facility in Baltimore, MD, including services offered, bed capacity and contact information.

Oakcrest Village Location Information

8830 Walther Boulevard
Baltimore, Maryland 21234
(410) 882-3248

Bed Capacity: 143

Reviews & Ratings of Oakcrest Village

Oakcrest Village 5
Quality Community

Oak Crest Village Retirement Community staff are responsive and genuinely caring about their clients and families. The facility is like a beautiful resort, which older clients easily relate to. The grounds are open, green and inviting. The dining facilities, lobbies, entertainment areas, and even the hallways are bright and sunny. The overall affect is that of a safe and attractive environment. No matter what time of day I visit, I find my Mom up, dressed, out of her apartment and exploring all the sights and activities provided. I highly recommend Oak Crest Village.

Oakcrest Village 5
One of the best

I like the location and the amenities that Oak Crest Village offers. It has been very good for my mom. The staffing level is appropriate and I think they're very caring people. I have always found them to be very helpful. The facility is kept very clean. They beautifully decorated the facility during Christmas and Thanksgiving, and they had a lovely Christmas party for the residents and their families. I have found them to be willing to go the extra mile. My mother's apartment is very large and beautiful. Someone would come in to clean her apartment thoroughly once a week. The food is very good with a ton of different dining options. All in all it has been a wonderful experience not only for our mother but for the family as well.

Oakcrest Village 5
Great community

Many activities during the week. Quality of food is great. Easy to speak with people about my father.

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This facility (see profile at www.ourparents.com/64151) is a large, for profit, nursing home with 240 beds based in Baltimore, MD. At last check, the facility had 211 residents indicating that it is 88% occupied which is about average within the state of Maryland. The provider accepts both medicare and medicaid programs, and provides resident and family counseling services. This nursing home is located in a continuing care retirement community (CCRC). As of October 2009, the medicare rating for Oak Crest Village, was 4 stars, which is a better rating than 84% of nursing homes in Maryland. As compared to state averages for staffing, the number of registered nurse (RN) hours per resident per day is lower than average; Certified nursing assistant (CNA) hours per resident per day is about average; The number of licensed practical (LPN) or vocational nurse hours per resident per day is lower than average. The most recent health inspection was on 02/15/2008. When comparing the health condition of long stay residents to other nursing homes in Maryland,. When comparing the health condition of short stay residents to other nursing homes in Maryland, it is more likely for residents to be delirious. To view the free and independent profile for this facility (its services, cost information, etc.), to understand more about its Medicare rating, and to view nearby alternatives go to www.ourparents.com/64151
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