Bee Hive Homes of Rio Rancho II in Rio Rancho, New Mexico

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Finding the right Assisted Living Facility can be a tiring process. Some people may be more concerned with the services offered, while others want to find something affordable, and unfortunately residential care homes in New Mexico are not all the same. So it is important that you thoroughly research the facilities you are considering. Learn more about the Bee Hive Homes of Rio Rancho II assisted living facility in Rio Rancho, NM, including services offered, bed capacity and contact information.

Bee Hive Homes of Rio Rancho II Location Information

2709 Chessman Drive
Rio Rancho, New Mexico 87124
(505) 235-6386

Bed Capacity: 16

Reviews & Ratings of Bee Hive Homes of Rio Rancho II

Bee Hive Homes of Rio Rancho II 1
Dying loved one
A loving daughter

My mom had dementia, but could still communicate. The day my mom died at the Bee Hive Home on Silent Springs Dr., the workers walked her to the bathroom instead of lifting her into her wheelchair, knowing she was too weak and the hospice doctor had said she was not to be walking. My mom moaned and called out for God to help her she had such a hard time trying to pick up her feet to walk. Liz came to Mom's room and took me away from sitting with mom saying Melissa wants to see you in her office right now. I had never met Melissa. When arriving in the office, Melissa and Jennifer were in there and Melissa told me I was intimidating the workers by being there and that I needed to go home. They coerced me into leaving because I was so worn out and had been ganged up on. My mom could communicate with me before I left, and after being gone for a short time, when I returned my mom could not speak and barely had one eye open to try to see me. I don't know if she could understand me or not. She died shortly after I got back. I had stayed with my mom 4 nights/days to keep her from getting up and falling off the bed and had not left one minute until they called me in their office just because the hospice doctor had called them, telling them off for not doing their job right (is what they told me). I will never know what my mom might have said to me during that time I was gone, about an hour and a half. If you want to be with your loved one when you know they are dying, I wouldn't suggest you leaving them at this Bee Hive. They don't want anyone there to watch how inefficient they are when someone is dying. I did everything for my mom except for being able to take her to the bathroom, and they couldn't even do that right. There is no excuse for them doing what they did to my dying mom and me the last few hours of her life.

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