School Sisters of Notre Dame in Mankato, Minnesota

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Finding the right Assisted Living Facility can be a tiring process. Some people may be more concerned with the services offered, while others want to find something affordable, and unfortunately residential care homes in Minnesota are not all the same. So it is important that you thoroughly research the facilities you are considering. Learn more about the School Sisters of Notre Dame assisted living facility in Mankato, MN, including services offered, bed capacity and contact information.

School Sisters of Notre Dame Location Information

170 Good Counsel Drive
Mankato, Minnesota 56001
(507) 389-4200

Reviews & Ratings of School Sisters of Notre Dame

School Sisters of Notre Dame 3
Mary Gumbusky

Can you tell me where Sr Francanne Etringer is. I taught with her in Wabasha, and visited her in New Orleans. Thank you

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The chapel is beautiful and if you take time to hear the history, it becomes even more so. Sunday mass is always moving and worth the effort.
Source: Google

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