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Reviews & Ratings of Sheridan L Koplow

Sheridan L Koplow1 RudeLisa

Went to sheri for gifted testing, and i asked her prior what testing is and she said their isn't any prep. Well there is a standard for what children would be considered. If she had stated the minimum state requirements I could have saved myself hundreds of dollars. After the testing she ignored my phone calls and gave me results over the email (?!!?) i question whether her license is valid. She asked to retest because of fatigue but I would have to pay more, sounds like a scam. I am sickened by her practice, I went to another place the same week, did testing and had the results within an hour along with an explanation and a pass (so I am still not sure what part of the test she failed as she couldn't explain the test components to me) Advice to parents: go elsewhere for testing.

Sheridan Koplow, Ed.D.

I am sorry to learn that this client felt she had a negative experience regarding the services I provided. I do think that this post brings to light, however, an important and unfortunate situation in this area, where there is a signifcant misconception about what testing for the public school gifted program involves and the minimum requirements for such programs. Many parents are under the impression that any child should and will qualify, when in reality, a child needs to score at or above the 98th percentile on the IQ portion of the test and at or above the 90th percentile in one of the two areas on the achievement portion of the test (in addition to other requirements set by the school board). Statistically speaking, only a small percentage of kids being tested will meet the minimum testing requirements. Parents who believe "everyone" qualifies (have agendas that rely on this expectation), whose child at the time of testing did not meet the minimum test criteria, may be disappointed and somehow feel cheated. Furthermore, there are no specific guidelines for "prepping" a child for such an evaluation, as that would be considered coaching and produce elevated scores. It is so important that accurate scores be obtained on these test so that children will be placed in programs that would best meet their needs. In addition, such IQ tests should not be readministered within a year due to practice effects that would yield invalid results.

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