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George Gertner1 Not an ethical DoctorJD

On or about August 2, 2011, I entered into a monthly treatment plan with Dr. George Gertner principal of Upper Cervical Chiropractic. The treatment plan as I was original told would be for bi-weekly visits to adjust the upper cervical vertebrae to offer relief from my high blood pressure as he claims in his advertising. Over time I was told I would need less "adjustments". The treatment plan was for an annual cost of $4,280.00 and paid over a 12 month period would equal $357.00 per month on my credit card as I authorized. The doctor had mentioned "once" that the treatment plan included 54 visits for the first year. After I began the treatments, I was told by the doctor to come twice per week as his "adjustments" were not holding properly. During this period, I was not informed as to how many treatments I had been given, nor how many were left on my "plan" as the computer system we used to check in, did not reveal what treatment number we were at. As a result, I assumed that the $357.00 per month that I was paying the doctor included the number of visits that he was recommending. Never at anytime during this first year and even at the end of my first year, was I ever given any indication that I had exceeded the 54 treatments alloted for the year and ultimately would be held responsible for paying for them in excess of the $357.00 I was already paying him per month. As a patient, I feel duped by this doctor into spending hundreds of dollars more than I could afford or otherwise would have spent had he been forthcoming in providing his patients with the simple information as to the treatment number that you were at, or simply a year end review. Because I was not given this information at any time during the first year, I simply continued at the doctors request to continue with bi-weekly office visits in an attempt to correct my sublaxation. When After more than 6 more months of treatments at $357.00 per month which is a burden and hardship for any person, I decided that the treatment had failed and I would walk away as I was told in the beginning I could terminated the services at anytime. Only after the doctor received my request to discontinue with the treatments did he decide to add up all my visits and present me with a bill for all visits over 54 per year. This resulted in him providing me with a discounted bill of $977.00 which he charged to my credit card without my authorization. I only had authorized $357 per month as he had been doing since my first month of treatments. I should reiterate that not once in over one year and 6 months did the doctor or any staff member indicate to me that I had exceeded the 54/year visit and would be charged extra. I feel that because I was not provided with this important information, that the Doctor accepted the $357.00 per month as payment in full for services rendered in any given month and that I owe him nothing. Had I been told I was over the limit, I could have made a determination if I could afford to continue with the treatments or not. As his patient, the Doctor denied me the ability to decide for myself what I could and could not afford all for his greed to prevent me from realizing I had exceeded his treatment plan, his behavior in my opinion is unethical and he should be held responsible for not doing the right thing by his patients.

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