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Chad H Galbraith, DDS
Pediatric dentist
Bellingham, Washington 98225
(360) 733-7708
Randel P Swanson, DDS
Pediatric dentist
Bellingham, Washington 98226
(360) 671-9979
Purva S Merchant, DMD MSD
Pediatric dentist
Mount Vernon, Washington 98273
(360) 424-3811
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Pediatric Dentistry Information:

Pediatric dentistry is a division of dentistry focusing on children up to adolescence. Pediatric dentists are concerned with adolescent growth and development, disease causality and prevention, and child psychology and management. Some dentists must also specialize in caring for patients with special needs, such as those with cerebral palsy, mental retardation and autism.

As a child becomes an adolescent, concerns change and the dentist must become more learned in the growing importance of appearance and self-image in their patients. As a result, dentists must educate their adolescent patients of preventative health care, such as wisdom teeth tobacco use, sealants, and oral piercing.