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Geeta Bhandari Bisht, MBBS MD
Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46804
(260) 432-5181
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Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Information:

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry encompasses the clinical investigation of phenomenology, biologic factors, psychosocial factors, genetic factors, demographic factors, environmental factors, history, and the response to interventions of child and adolescent psychiatric disorders.

One should see a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist if they experience concerns about his/her emotional behavior (i.e. emotionally unstable), if one has experienced abuse or neglect from a friend or family member, has mental illness, has had thoughts pertaining to suicide, etc.

Child and Adolescent psychiatrists treat things such as depression, neglect, Bipolar disorder, ADD and ADHD, Autism, etc. Treatment will usually involve one or more of the following elements: behavior therapy, cognitive-behavior therapy, problem-solving therapy, psychodynamic therapy, parent training programs, family therapy, and/or the use of medication. The intervention can also include consultation with pediatricians, or professionals from schools, juvenile courts, social agencies or other community organizations.

Sub Specialties include psychiatry with additional skills and training in the diagnosis and treatment of developmental, behavioral, emotional, and mental disorders of childhood and adolescence.