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Child Psychology Information:

A child psychologist is a person with a doctorate degree in psychology, who has a special interest in working with children. They are the same as any other psychologist, the only difference being they only specialize in children. They generally treat people from ages 3-13. In addition to studying other aspects of psychology, the child psychologist usually takes specific interest in subjects regarding that of the children's family.

One should see a child physiologist if the child has learning disabilities, has been neglected, is depressed or has dramatic mood changes (similar to Bi Polar disorder.)

Child Psychologist treat things such as depression, neglect, Bipolar disorder, ADD and ADHD, Autism, etc. Treatment will usually involve one or more of the following elements: behavior therapy, cognitive-behavior therapy, problem-solving therapy, psychodynamic therapy, parent training programs, family therapy, and/or the use of medication

Sub Specialties include psychiatry with additional skills and training in the diagnosis and treatment of developmental, behavioral, emotional, and mental disorders of childhood.