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Michael K Bobella, LPC MA
Addiction Psychiatrist
Murrysville, Pennsylvania 15668
(724) 733-7344
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Addiction Psychiatry Information:

Addiction psychiatry is a branch of psychiatric practice that deals with overcoming many forms of physical and psychological addiction. Addiction is a physical or psychological dependence on a substance or behavior. In medical terms, it is the result of the body being unable to maintain a normal state without use of an artificial substance Addiction psychiatrists undergo years of training to understand the proper treatments for helping their patients and may further specialize in a specific area of addiction, such as drugs, alcohol, or psychological addiction to sex or gambling.

One should see an addiction psychiatrist when suffering from any form of addiction. Forms of addictions range from gambling, sex, drugs, alcohol, overeating, and computer addiction. These are just a few examples of addiction as the list is extremely large.

Addiction psychiatrists use a combination of medicine and psychotherapy to help addicts fight their specific addiction. This can include the use of drugs to combat withdrawal symptoms consistent with denying the body or mind its drug of choice. They also conduct extensive studies on the process of addiction and how it can be prevented.

Psychiatrists who are trained in addiction are in a unique position to identify concurrent psychiatric and substance use problems in individuals seeking treatment for either condition. Given the reciprocal impact of psychiatric and substance use disorders upon one another, there is a critical need for specialists trained in the diagnosis and treatment of both conditions.