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Jane Larson
Geriatrics Specialist
Onamia, Minnesota 56359
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Geriatrics Information:

Geriatrics focuses on the health and wellness of the elderly through the promotion of living a healthy lifestyle, prevention and treatment of diseases and disabilities common amongst aging adults. Geriatrics is a complicated sub-specialty of internal medicine, as diseases in the elderly can be difficult to diagnose as due to the gradual decline of the body, they can suffer from many different symptoms.

Elderly patients often have practical concerns which allow them to live independently and maintain a certain quality of life. This includes providing the elderly with medications they must take on a regular basis. Geriatricians can offer advice on other living options, such as home care, nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, and hospice.

Related services include geriatric psychiatry, nephrology, dentistry, rehabilitation, oncology, rheumatology, neurology, dermatology, and cardio geriatrics, among many others.