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Troy Redmon

Phone: 406-585-0440

Troy Redmon is an attorney located at 2078 Stadium Dr, Ste 102 in Bozeman, Montana. Learn more about this lawyer below, get directions to their office, review services offered, or use the contact information to get in touch today.
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2078 Stadium Dr, Ste 102
Bozeman, Montana 59715





Reviews & Ratings of Troy Redmon

Troy Redmon 1
bad attorney

told me my case would cost $35,000 to take through trial, but he quit after we had been billed over $80,000 in attorney fees! Had to take him to fee arbitration before the MT Bar Assoc and they made him remove $11,000 in improper charges. Looking for an attorney that will take the malpractice case against him

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