10 Relationship Lessons

For some reason, when I think of relationship lessons, I start thinking of country songs. You know . . . "You gotta know when to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away, know when to run."

OK. Enough of that.

Here, I've outline a list of 10 relationship lessons that can be applied to any relationship in your life -- whether it be your lover, friend, or family member. Keep these in mind and you'll keep your grip on a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

1. All relationships get difficult at one point or another, and eventually, they're also supposed to get better.

2. If a relationship isn't getting any better, communicate. If nothing changes and you're not being heard, get help. If still nothing changes over time, there may be nothing else to do but leave.

3. Don't act on your first reaction to a situation. Our first reaction is often too strong and too emotional to make good decisions.

4. Time will always tell as nothing else will -- give it a week, or a month, or three months to see if you're dating the right person, if your current relationship is going anywhere, how a bothersome situation will resolve itself. Rushing things almost never works.

5. Don't tolerate what's not working for you indefinitely. Beyond a reasonable amount of time for things to work themselves out, issues and situations that bother you need to be resolved. Otherwise, they'll drain your energy and happiness.

6. Don't settle for people and relationships that have problems you have to tolerate from day one. The only exception is if you can clearly see that the problems are being dealt with and resolved.7. Follow the path of least resistance. If it seems too difficult, it is. Find another way to be, to communicate, or to turn the relationship around. Find a different solution to the situation. Do not try to bulldoze through people and relationships to make them your way -- that never works.8. Don't rush into situations, even if they look promising, as if you are going to get everything you have always wanted. Only time will tell what the nature of a situation really is.9. Just because someone describes himself or herself a particular way, doesn't mean that's how it is. People do tend to misrepresent who and what they are. This isn't done to be deceitful, but is done simply because it is hard to see who we end up being in a relationship. Only the actual relationship and time will tell who the person turns out to be.10. Talk with an outsider about what's going on to get a fresh perspective. I find this lesson true over and over! There's nothing like an unstressed, calm outside perspective to give a good handle on a difficult situation and to help clarify what to do about it.Master Certified Relationship Coach Rinatta Paries coaches singles to attract and build loving, fulfilling, long-term relationships.
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