11 Signs That He's Falling for You

You'redating, yet none of the men have caught your fancy. Until now. You like someone new, and hope he feels the same. Here are 11 signs that he's falling for you as well.

1. By his actions, he shows he's interested and wants to be with you. He holds your hand or takes your arm when you're stepping off a curb. He likes to hug you. He admits he's available and wants a relationship.

2. He enjoys surprising and pleasing you. It might be with flowers, a card or just a silly present. He takes initiative in planning activities he knows you enjoy: a picnic, a night at the theater, a movie or even dancing (for some guys, that's a big sacrifice).

3. He doesn't play games or make excuses. He doesn't wait a week to call, and when he says he'll call, he does. Instead of keeping you guessing, he wants you to know how he feels -- and he says he cares. Note: When men play games, they're either insecure or they want a conquest, not a relationship.

4. He's thoughtful. He opens doors and has you enter ahead of him. He cooks dinner when you've had a hard day. He'll bring hot soup when you're sick in bed, or make brunch on a Sunday.

5. He communicates. He looks you in the eye, listens and hears what you say. He's open, honest and willing to share his personal thoughts, which many men won't do. If he's trying to communicate, it's because he cares.

6. He wants you to meet his family and friends, and then he includes you in activities and holidays with them. This is big! A man won't introduce his new girlfriend to the most important people in his life unless she, too, is extremely important to him.7. He's observant. He compliments you on your new dress, or says that you look nice when you've had your hair or nails done. When guys do this, they're paying attention.8. He believes in you. He treats you with respect and appreciates when you do things for him. He doesn't judge and isn't critical. He accepts you as you are.9. He offers to help. He'll fix your sprinkler heads, check the oil in your car, repair a leaking toilet or take out the garbage. He's Mr. Fix-It, but doesn't go overboard and become Mr. Pain-in-the-Rear-Fix-Everything.10. Occasionally, he'll skip Monday Night Football with the guys to be with you. Of course, realize that this may mean the two of you watch Monday Night Football together instead.11. And the ultimate sign: He lends you the keys to his new Corvette. Whoops, let's not get carried away!When men care, they go the extra mile, and you'll know where you stand by the way you're treated. If the new guy in your life is doing some of these things, it means he cares. If he's doing all of them, he's hooked! Tom Blake is the author of Middle Aged and Dating Again (Tooter's, 1997) and host of the ThirdAge Dating After 50 discussion.
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