9 Reasons Why Men Don't Propose

Have you been in a committed relationship for a long time and still aren't engaged? It may not be something wrong with you. According to Glamour magazine online, there are several reasons why a man is afraid to propose.

-His parents' marriage didn't make it: When your parents get divorced, you see the cons of marriage, including the hurt feelings. Some men are afraid the same thing will happen to their marriage.

-He's focused on his career: Men want to feel secure before proposing, so they can actually provide for their spouse once they're married. Who could blame him for wanting to establish his career so you don't have to struggle as a couple?

-He's afraid of boredom: Living with the same person until you're old can be a scary thought. Men are afraid of their life growing monotonous.

-He's turned off by weddings: Some men think weddings make a mockery of marriage, or they get freaked out by how into it women can get. Some women can get so obsessed that it leaves the man wondering if they're more excited about their dress or actually getting married.

-He's not ready to be a dad: First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage. Many men equate marriage with children, and they're not ready for their life to change so drastically.

-He's not done sowing his wild oats: Men are terrified that their significant other may be the last person they sleep with. Although they may be head over heels in love with you, it's still tempting to get with others.

-He's afraid he'll have to give up his dreams: With a wife and kids, there's hardly any free time to start your own practice, travel the world or make last-minute spontaneous decisions. Many men don't want to cut those dreams short just yet.

-He can't afford the ring: With the glitz and glamour in today's society, it's hard to find a woman that doesn't want a huge rock on her finger. Lots of men want to give women what they want, but they simply can't afford it.

-He's afraid marriage will change you: Many women lose their mystery and ability to be carefree once they're married, which scares men. They don't want to be stuck with a replica of their mother for the rest of their lives.


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