A Guide to Dating For Seniors

  • The decision to start dating again is one of the most challenging and possibly rewarding experiences later in life. And dating for the senior citizen has never been easier than it is today. Online dating makes it simple to get back in the game. Here’s how to make it work:
  • Getting Started Whether you are getting back into the dating scene after a long marriage, a long-term relationship or none of the above, the fact that you have decided to get back out there is the first step. If you’re concerned about how the dating scene has changed since the last time you were dating, chances are others are tentative as well. Start by setting up some rules you are comfortable with, and adjust them as become more comfortable with the experience.
  • Be Yourself When dating at an older age, you’re likely to have a better idea of what you want in a partner and who you are as a person. If you’re faithful to those two principles, you’ll have a better chance of succeeding than if you set fairy-tale goals or try to be someone you’re not.
  • Discuss Your Dating Life with Your Children Tell your children about your decision to start dating again. By no means do you have to share everything, but a simple “I’m dating again because I want to find a companion” will suffice. Feel free to ask for pointers or help from your children as well. Chances are they have been in the dating game a lot more recently than you have.
  • Senior Sex When dating at a later age, the issue of sex can be awkward. The best idea is to discuss it beforehand with whoever you are dating. By this time you are both adults and should be able to have adult conversations about sex and the expectations that come along with it. Do you want to have sex before marriage, how much sex do you want to have, what precautions are we taking against sexually transmitted diseases, and do we need any help (Viagra, sex toys) are all fair questions.
  • Income Issues If you’re receiving a pension or other income from a deceased spouse, marriage can sometimes cause you to lose these payments. If you are concerned that dating could lead to stronger feelings and eventually marriage, you need to educate yourself on the issue and fully understand what that would mean for you. Contact the pension holder and ask for the rules regarding any issues or questions you may have. Ask an attorney that specializes in the field lawyer and have them answer any other questions you may have. Then decide whether marriage is practical for you.