Is it Wise to Date Men in Their 50s?

Men and women in their 50s have different needs, Deutsch says.

As if dating in your 20s wasnt hard enough, it seems the differences between the sexes multiply as we mature.

According to Today Show correspondent Donnie Deutsch, if youre in your 50s, you should count out dating men in the same age bracket.

Deutsch says men in their 50s, especially those weathering a midlife crisis or a bad divorce, just arent looking for relationships.

This is unfair because mens needs a lot of times in their 50s are very different than women. Theyre not looking to start familieswhereas a woman probably needs more security than ever, Deutsch told Today Show co-hosts Hoda and Kathie Lee during the Other View segment.

The reality, Deutsch adds, is that the incompatible needs of single men and women in their 50s arent conducive to a long-lasting relationship.

I feel really bad for these fantastic women in their early 50s because theyre looking for solid foundations, Deutsch says.

And a man, who has his children, his life is evolved [to the point that] theyre in different places. Not always, but its a tough reality.

Click to 2:58 for Deutsch's advice.

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