The Advantages of Online Dating for Women

Its no secret. Online dating can be daunting so daunting that many women find excuses not to join. If youre one of those excuse-makers, take note. Follow these five tips, and youll be mastering the art of online dating.

Tip Number 1: Be realistic. Its not going to happen overnight. You have to kiss a lot of amphibians before you meet your prince. Youre going meet more people you dont like than people you do like. Youre going to be rejected. There will be times that you want to give up. But if youre realistic, you wont be disappointed, and youll keep going until you meet your Mr. Right.

Tip Number 2: Be positive. You dont have to try to convince yourself that every person you meet will be someone you want to see a second time, but you can still make sure that you come away from a first date with at least one positive thing to say about it, even if its that the coffee was good.

Tip Number 3: Treat online dating like a second job. If you go about it half-heartedly, it wont work. You have to give it your all. If you go about it passively, it wont work. You cannot wait for others to contact you. You have to make the initial move. Now, I know this is often hard for women, especially older women, who think that men are supposed to make the first move. Wrong! If you dont take it seriously, it wont work. You cant say, Well, these arent great photos of me, but who cares? The photos have to be the best photos you can possibly take. And notice, I said, Photos. Not Photo. You have to post more than one photo (three is a perfect number) AND they have to be recent AND at least one of them has to be a full-body photo. No matter what your body type. And you have to write a dynamite profile, which takes time.

Tip Number 4: Have fun with it. Remember, you can be serious about something, but still have fun with it. Tip Number 5: Never give up. Heres my theory: Everyone has a number. Its like playing the slot machines at Foxwoods. Put enough money in, and youll eventually win. Thats how it is with online dating. Date enough, and youll eventually meet the winner. Of course, you dont know what your number is or how many times its going to take to hit the jackpot. So, you dont know how many of those frogs youre going to have to kiss. I started online dating when I was in my late 50s, less than two weeks after my husband and I split up. I figured, Lifes too short. I believed that the more men I met, the sooner Id get to Mr. Right. Now, dont get me wrong. Im not saying that I went out with just anyone. I only went out with men who seemed interesting to me, based on their profiles, and physically-appealing, based on their photographs. Isnt that the beauty of online dating? There are so many people to choose from. You just have to be the one to do the choosing. (See Tip Number 4.) It took me three years to meet Peter my Mr. Right. But it only took him four months to meet me. I dated over 100 men in my three-year-period. My number was 126 (more or less). Peters number was 13. If I could do it, you can, too. About the Author: DALE KOPPEL, PhD is the author of THE INTELLIGENT WOMANS GUIDE TO ONLINE DATING: And She Lived Happily Ever After. Available on and What have your experiences with online dating been like? Share your story below.
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