Dating at 50 - Trials & Tribulations

Dating at 50 is a hot topic among single Boomer women. Here are the stories from single ladies over 50 and their trials and tribulations of dating.

What is the biggest challenge of dating after you're 50?

Susan Worsham, Chester, Va.: All my friends are married and do not want to go with me every time I want to go out. I don't really want to go out alone.

Undra Woods, Chesterfield County, Va.: You feel out of the loop when you start dating again [after a divorce or becoming a widow]. The biggest challenge is finding someone the family likes.

Judy Arace, Charles City County, Va.: I didn't know what to wear. I didn't know how to fix my hair. I said, Who in the world wants to date me?

Wanda McCutchen, Richmond, Va.: When I hit 50, no problem. When I hit 55, I didn't have any problems. Now that I'm 59, I'm really having problems.

Susan Butterworth, Richmond, Va.: You're older, wiser and it's more complicated.

Mildred Kline, Richmond, Va.: One of my friends said, 'There are no good men out there because all the 50-year-olds are dating 19-year- olds.'

Cheyenne Moss, Henrico County, Va.: The challenge of finding sincere people and finding places to go to meet people.

Cynthia Gaines, Chesterfield County, Va.: I find it hard to meet men with similar interests. I am meeting men who don't read the newspaper or follow current events.

Jana Dominey, Midlothian, Va.: The biggest challenge is finding ways to meet men. [It feels] like I've dated everybody in Midlo. What have you done to try to overcome the dating challenges? Susan W.: I have tried Internet dating but find that e-mailing someone and trying to impress them through an e-mail is like another job. I have joined a country club and participate in various outings with my coworkers. Undra: I have an older brother who did a lot of screening [of my dates]. Judy: I tried to look decent at all times. I was bubbly. Wanda: I asked a couple of girlfriends if they have any uncles or brothers or something [they could introduce me to]. I was thinking of calling a telephone dating service but I decided not to go through with it. Susan B.: My philosophy has shifted and my focus is me. Mildred: I wasn't looking for a man and because I wasn't looking I got involved with Bob. Cheyenne: I just go along with my life. I have extended family and support friends. Some of them are men. Cynthia: I am active in church and go places where people gather. I attend most of the jazz concerts that come to the area. Jana: I gave up on dating. I started a group of men and women. It's not dating. It's learning how to interact.
Have you had any success in dating? Susan W.: I have gone out with several really nice men but there wasn't any chemistry and usually after one or two dates, I will tell them I don't want to go out again. Undra: I married someone the family already knew. Judy: I've been dating my boyfriend now since 2006. (They met when friends introduced them) Mildred: Yes. I met my husband of three years at a Masonic Lodge where we both volunteered. Cheyenne: I'm comfortable being with myself and I'm focused on living my life for today. Cynthia: I met a very nice man at the Newport Jazz Festival several years ago and we stay in touch. Jana: I did have two long-term relationships but now I'm taking a dating break. I'm OK by myself. What advice would you give other women about dating? Undra: Look for someone with the same values and get to know what kind of relationship he has with his mother. Judy: Be yourself and don't try to change the other person Susan B.: Live your life. Mildred: Think about what you can offer a man. If you're divorced, don't be bitter. Cheyenne: Don't make meeting someone the goal of your life. Cynthia: Stay positive and upbeat. You never know who is watching you. Jana: Hang in there. Keep a positive mental attitude. And if a relationship doesn't work out, it doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you. Listen to these women. They are the experts. Being an old married woman -- 24 years and counting -- I have nothing to add.
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