Credit Cards

Post-Death Credit Card Debt: Who Has to Pay? QUESTION: My mother died in a nursing home with just$5,000 to her name. She wanted my brother and I to have that money. Butit turns out that my mother had $7,000 in credit card debt. Does the$5,000 that remains have to be used to pay off that debt? And can thecredit card companies ask my brother and I to pay the $2,000 balancethat would remain?ANSW...Read more

Student Loans

4 Ways to Handle Overdue Student Debt Q: Dear Debt Adviser,I'm currently paying a debt that was owed to my school, but it went to a collections agency. I agreed to make the payments to pay off the debt. The problem comes when I try to negotiate to lower the monthly payment. I'm paying roughly $398 a month. Whenever I ask to lower the payment, they tell me if I lower the payment it will...Read more

Repaying Debt

Which Debts Must You Repay? Some debts are more important than others. If you are havingtrouble paying your bills, take the time to prioritize your debts. Makea list of essential and nonessential debts -- and always pay theessential debts first. Read on to learn which debts are essential andwhich aren't. Essential debtsAn essential debt is one which you should put at or near ...Read more


Bouncing Back From Bankruptcy QUESTION: My husband and I had ourbankruptcy discharged in August 2004. We bought one car during thebankruptcy and another after the discharge. Our credit scores rangefrom the mid-500s to the low-600s between the two of us when looking atthe credit scores from all three credit bureaus. Other than the two-car loans, my husband was approved for acred...Read more
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