Depression Symptoms & Help

Although Depression affects millions of Americans, its still misunderstood and may even be seen as embarrassing. But its an illness like any other, and whether its touched you or a loved one, youll get the answers you need here about detecting, treating and even living with depression.

Depression Causes

The precise cause is not known. It can be difficult to determine if an illness causes depression or depression caused the illness. Possible causes may be mental, physical, or environmental and include: Stressful life events (usually in combination with one or more of the following causes)Chronic ...
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Depression Hits Many Arthritis Patients Researchers in Russia say they found stress events often preceded the onset of rheumatoid arthritis. Dr. Tatiana Lisitsyna of the State Institute of Rheumatology of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences in Moscow also found 63 percent of those with rheumatoid arthritis also suffered psychiatric disorder -- 87 percent of these were depressive diso...Read more

Depression Risks

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Depression, Hypertension Linked Those who suffer from depression and anxiety face a much greater risk of high blood pressure as they age, according to a new report. The report, in the March issue of Psychosomatic Medicine, shows the increased risk remained even when researchers took into account factors including age, gender, race, smoking and alcohol use. Depression and anxiet...Read more

Depression Symptoms

Depression can be devastating to family relationships, friendships, and the ability to work or go to school. Symptoms of depression vary a great deal from person to person. Some people have only a few symptoms, while others have many. Symptoms can change over time and may include: Persistent fee...
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Heart Patients Vulnerable to Depression Heart patients are particularly vulnerable to depression and should be screened, and if necessary treated, to improve their recovery, U.S. researchers said."Depression and heart disease seem to be very much intertwined," Judith H. Lichtman of Yale University of School of Public Health said in a statement. "You can't treat the heart i...Read more

Depression Prevention

It may not always be possible to prevent Depression. However, the following strategies may help reduce your risk of becoming depressed: Be aware of your personal risk of depression.Have a psychiatric evaluation and psychotherapy, if needed.Develop a strong social and spiritual support system.Reduc...
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Walking Away Depression Duke University researchers say a brisk walk or jog around the track three times a week may be just as effective in relieving the symptoms of major depression as taking anti-depressant medications. The study looked at 156 patients diagnosed with major depressive disorder who were prescribed exercise, medication or a combination of both. A study sp...Read more

Depression Treatment

A variety of effective treatments are available to help people with Depression. The main types of treatment are antidepressant medicines and psychotherapies (or counseling). Some forms of depression may be treated with psychotherapy alone. Others require antidepressant drugs or a combination of drugs and counseling. Medicines bring symptom relief and help correct any underlying abnormalities of certain brain chemicals. Counseling can help you learn more effective ways to deal with depression and the factors that caused or triggered it. Treatment involves the following: There are no surgical options for the treatment of depression.
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Simple Solution to Depression Depression appears to becoming an increasingly common ailment, particularly in the West. A specialist in alternative medicine says something fishy might be the solution. Dr. John Briffa says there is growing evidence that depression may be related to a decline in the consumption of fish in developed countries. He suggests that eating more oily fis...Read more
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