Can a "Walk-In" Medical Clinic prescribe anti-depressants?
I am 23 years old and have a history of depression. I have come to the point where I want to try anti-depressants;however, I no longer have health insurance. So I was thinking about going to a "Walk-In" Clinic, talking to a doctor, and possibly get prescribed an anti-depressant that way. Is this at all possible? Will a doctor in a "Walk-In" Clinic prescribe an anti-depressant (such as Paxil or Prozac)? Like I mentioned, I have a history of depression. I saw a psychiatrist briefly in New Mexico who can send a file affirming this, that way they can see a medical professional has diagnosed me in the past.
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Only a physician or a psychologist can.
Uh no!
Any physician can prescribe anti-depressants. However, you need to find one who is incompetent. No doctor should prescribe psycho-active meds after a single visit.
Give them a call on the phone. I would think they can as any doctor that can prescribe pills should be able to do this. I'm on Lexapro for anti-anxiety and my dad is bipolar so there is experience with these things in my family. Ask if there is a generic medication for you as the generics can be way less expensive. For me Lexapro isn't generic but I have medical insurance so it isn't much of a problem.

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