can you get high from snorting paxil?
Posted 3 years ago in Other by HotKing


You're retarded. Don't try to get freaking high.
I hate snorting pharmaceuticals. Except for xanax. But Paxil can get you pretty high. A lot of people take it when tripping.
I wouldn't think so - it's not a immediate acting drug. It takes 2-4 weeks to build up in your system for you to get any therapeutic effects from.Anyway, why would you want to snort it? I break the pill in half and when I put it in my tongue it tastes so nasty and bitter that I can't wait to wash it down with something.
Are you out of your mind? Don't even try doing that. If you do you're heading to a dangerous path of becoming a drug addict. Look what happen to Michael Jackson and Heath Ledger.

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