Can You Name That Celebrity with Depression

  • Who Is This Actress?

    This woman won the Oscar for Best Actress in 2001, and was once named Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire magazine. Who is she?

    a. Queen Latifah

    b. Halle Berry

    c. Beyonce

    d. Jada Pinkett-Smith

  • Halle Berry

    Correct Answer: Halle Berry

    If you guessed Halle Berry, you were correct!

    The actress revealed to Parade magazine a very personal battle she had with herself after her marriage to David Justice failed. She admitted that she contemplated suicide at the time.

  • Who is This Actor?

    This actor is known largely for comedic roles, but his two Golden Globes are for critically acclaimed dramatic films. Who is he?

    a. Jim Carrey

    b. Ben Stiller

    c. Mike Myers

    d. Adam Sandler

  • Jim Carrey

    Correct Answer: Jim Carrey

    It came as a huge surprise to many fans that the famous comic actor suffered from depression. He revealed that he had the disease in a much anticipated interview on 60 Minutes back in 2004.

  • Who is this Comedian?

    This comedy legend appeared in Caddyshack and Easy Money. Who is he?

    a. Rodney Dangerfield

    b. Benny Hill

    c. George Carlin

    d. Bob Newhart

  • Rodney Dangerfield

    Correct Answer: Rodney Dangerfield

    Behind the curtain, the comedian struggled with depression his whole life. The man had regular sessions with psychiatrist and took tons of medication every day. Despite the battle, he is recognized as one of the funniest men that ever took the stage and the silver screen.

  • Who is This Singer?

    This singer holds the record for most Grammys won by a female artist in a single night. Who is she?

    a. Alicia Keys

    b. Beyonce

    c. Lauryn Hill

    d. Diana Ross

  • Beyonce

    Correct Answer: Beyonce

    The singer revealed that she had a bout with depression when her group Destiny's Child disbanded. Now, Beyonce is recognized as one of the most successful female solo artists of all time.

  • Who is This Game Show Host?

    This man gained popularity for starring in his own sitcom, and now hosts the long-running game show The Price is Right. Little known fact: He was a US Marine. Who is he?

    a. Bob Barker

    b. Jay Leno

    c. Jerry Seinfeld

    d. Drew Carey

  • Drew Carey

    Correct Answer: Drew Carey

    Carey revealed in an interview that he was so severely depressed throughout his twenties, he tried to take his own life. Now, Carey has turned a complete 180: He was one of the highest paid actors in the late 1990's, is now the host of popular game show The Price is Right, and has shed over 80 pounds. He has cited his fiancee's son as one of the reasons he lost the weight.

  • Who is This Singer?

    This singer and Piano Man has a career that spans four decades. In that time, he has earned 4 Grammy awards and 23 nominations, and has been inducted into 4 different Halls of Fame. Who is it?

    a. Elton John

    b. Billy Joel

    c. Bruce Springsteen

    d. Phil Collins

  • Billy Joel

    Correct Answer: Billy Joel

    In the biography "Billy Joel: Life and Times of an Angry Young Man," the singer was revealed to have depression. He once tried to commit suicide by drinking furniture polish. Prior to the attempt, he left a suicide note which then became the lyrics to "Tomorrow is Today."

  • Who Is This Musician?

    Though this musician and activist was assassinated by Mark David Chapman more than thirty years ago, his work remains incredibly popular. Who is he?

    a. Kurt Cobain

    b. Bob Marley

    c. Marvin Gaye

    d. John Lennon

  • John Lennon

    Correct Answer: John Lennon

    Towards the end of his life, Lennon suffered from acute depression. It was said that he once overheard servants wondering if he and Yoko Ono would end up committing suicide because he was so depressed.

  • Who is This Director?

    This person is quite the renaissance man a screenwriter, director, actor, comedian, and an accomplished jazz musician.

    a. Oliver Stone

    b. George Lucas

    c. Woody Allen

    d. Peter Jackson

  • Woody Allen

    Correct Answer: Woody Allen

    The famed director is said to have fought his depression with his humor. He once said at Cannes, "I make films because if I dont make them then I dont have anything to distract me. My whole life I am constantly fighting all kinds of depression and terror and anxiety and I find that, like a mental patient in an institution, that if they keep the patient busy finger painting then they are more relaxed."

  • Who is This Athlete?

    This athlete was the first quarterback to win four Super Bowl titles he did it in the 70s with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Who is he?

    a. Walter Payton

    b. Mike Ditka

    c. Terry Bradshaw

    d. Jerry Rice

  • Terry Bradshaw

    Correct Answer: Terry Bradshaw

    The athlete was diagnosed with clinical depression more than ten years ago, but refused to let it take over his life. In 2004, he told USA Today, "The beauty of it is that there are medications that work. Look at me. I'm always happy-go-lucky, and people look at me and find it shocking that I could be depressed."

  • Who is This Political Figure?

    This woman, a former First Lady, worked to advance the cause of universal literacy in the early 90s. Who is she?

    a. Barbara Bush

    b. Hillary Clinton

    c. Laura Bush

    d. Nancy Reagan

  • Barbara Bush

    Correct Answer: Barbara Bush

    The former First Lady revealed that she suffered from severe depression during the 1970's as a result of menopause. She admitted that it was so bad, she was afraid she would purposely end her life.

  • Who is This Singer?

    This singer and actress belongs to a very famous family. Her brothers were a pop music phenomenon in the 60's and 70's.

    a. Whitney Houston

    b. Tracy Chapman

    c. Mariah Carey

    d. Janet Jackson

  • Janet Jackson

    Correct Answer: Janet Jackson

    The singer and actress recalled to The Washington Post once that while she was at the top of her game in the early 1990's, she suffered bouts of depression. Despite having a wildly successful career, she could not help but always feel anxious and depressed. In 1998, she told the Post, "Looking back on it now, it was depression. But it hits a lot of people and a lot of artists and I didn't know that. Nobody ever talked about that in my family I still haven't talked to anybody in my family about it."