Did author Ernest Hemingway have Major Depressive Disorder or Bipolar Disorder?
some books say he was bipolar, other's say he suffered from major depressive disorder....was anything confirmed?
Posted 3 years ago in Other by mary59


Due to the fact he is dead, a certain diagnosis is unlikely. MDD is a factor in BPD. Some would say that his prolific writing indicates BPD but one cannot say for sure in my opinion. I had to read and analyze many of his writings and research his life while in university.
I think he had a tendency towards depression which was passed down to his late grandchild. He made a decision not to live past the point he felt was a normal life. When he became incontinent he saw this as a sign of weakness and took his own life. It cannot be said if this was during a period of depression or if he just left this world on his own schedule.
Earnest Hemingway was diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disease and committed suicide. His father also committed suicide. His siblings Ursula and Leicester also committed suicide. As a child Earnest Hemingways mother dressed him as a girl and called him Ernestine. His granddaughter Margaux committed suicide. Earnest Hemingway had Electro-Shock treatments which cause memory loss which caused him to be unable to write. He said that there was no reason to live if he couldn't write. Unfortunately this was an unusual family as so many members inherited the disease before there were antidepressants and the right treatments to help.

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