Going to the ER possibly for depression/suicide thoughts?
Hello all. I am a 15 year old girl with depression, anxiety and insomnia. I see a psychologist once a week, and i am not on medication yet. I have an appointment in 2 weeks with a psychiatrist to go on some sort of antidepressant.Has anyone here ever been to the ER for suicidal plans/thoughts or depression? I understand i need to be patient and wait for my psy. appointment but i can't take it anymore. Im not going to tell my whole personal story, but long story short:I just want to die. I'm not afraid of death and im actually hoping id be killed by someone so i wouldnt have to do it myself. I'm just done with everything, and a total mess. I just wish i could kill myself and leave forever because this pain is literally killing me, and my family. I'm too nervous to call the hotline, and i basically cant because my parents don't leave me home alone anymore, out of fear that I'm going to hurt myself or someone else. So what would happen if i did go to the ER for suicidal thoughts? Would they be able to help me in time? What is the normal procedure?Thanks
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Yes you may go to the ER and they will treat you, give you meds that is.
I don't know what they could do for you in an ER just for suicidal thoughts. The worst might be to call the police and have you sectioned, which would be much worse then having to see a psychiatrist once a week. You need to tell your parents. There's not much we can do on here.
Yes you can go to the ER they will help you and talk to you! It is very common for to go to the ER for sudical thought and they take it serious. Please go to the ER! And I think you need to be on medication.
If you go to er, they may keep you in the hospital for a few days or longer (if needed) in the mental health section. They would have people supervising you 24/7 and basically you'll have all your freedom stripped away. They will make you see a psychiatrist who will put you on medication as soon as possible.
Your obviously having a very difficult time. If your feel you are going to commit suicide you can go to the ER.But it might be more useful to get help from all the sources you have available to you, such as family, friends, helplines, doctors. Is there any way you can get your appointment moved forward,or get access to the anti-depressant now?
I'm a 15 y/o girl I also have anxiety and depression i know what it's like it's horrible and dying will be the best thing.. BUT you should goTo the ER they will keep you safe give you an evaluation and probably startYou on antidepressants although they don't actually help that much but go to the ER and keep yourself safe for your for your family's sake if not your own!
Yeah last year I attempted 4 overdoses within a month (I ended u in a mental hospital for my own safety) and a few month later when I was feeling suicidal again I went to ER but went after a few mins 'cus I was scared I'd be put back in there again, going to ER is the right thing to do but don;t be shocked r worried if they want to put you on a psychatric ward for a week to analyse you, it doesn;t make you crazy thery're just trained t keep you safe :)
Yes, they will help you. They will put you on a suicide watch for the period they think necessary. Please, don't be afraid to ask for help. By the way, have you tried anti-depressants? They really helped me when I was on a verge. I also leave you a link to youtube. This is the funeral of our couuntry's (Eastern Europe) famous young television host who recently commited suicide. Imagine it is your funeral. Imagine it is your mother crying by your grave. Suicide leaves all people around you in terrible pain. Here is the link

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