how accurate is a hiv test after 6 weeks?
i had tested negative with a blood test after 6 weeks after possible exposure. am i good or do i have to go again. i had protected sex, and non protected oral sex( recieving). also he vaginal fluids whent all over me and this is a problem because i had shaved my pubes 6 hours prior to this symtoms are very very weird. i have stomach aches everyday( everytime after i eat the most), weight loss(15 pounds in 6weeks), loss of appitite completely, i feel tired, and i was very very depressed and had axiety for a long period of time because i thought i had hiv, but after today some of the anxiety and depression whent away( i still have depression because i dont know whats wrong with me), also i get chills. plzz help meis hiv blood test accurate after 6 weeks??
Posted 3 years ago in Other by PrettyDusty


Not very. Six weeks after exposure is, unfortunately, not enough time to definitively determine your HIV status.It somewhat depends on what type of test you had. Unigold rapids (the most common type of HIV rapid tests, done by way of a finger stick), have shown to catch the presence of the HIV virus a few weeks prior to a blood serum test because they are sensitive to two types of antibodies instead of one, but the research is tentative and the test, as a whole, is less accurate. Generally, the HIV virus will show up in blood anywhere from eight weeks to six months after exposure, though it has been known to show up earlier in some cases. I would recommend retesting in a couple months for peace of mind. Your symptoms could be signs of a whole host of things, from Thyroid problems to anxiety or depression. See your primary care giver.- Be well :)

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