How long will Zoloft show up in a drug test for the Military?
I got to MEPS in a week and a half for all my testing, including my drug test. I just stopped taking it, and i am drinking a TON of water and peeing every 30 minutes. How long will this stay in my system?
Posted 3 years ago in Other by SnowRunner


Your recruiter should have briefed you on when you needed to stop taking this medication. The best bet is to notify your recruiter. Both him(her) and you will be at fault if you test positive for anything. However, zoloft should be out of your system by then. You need to clarify with your recruiter though.
Wow, it's news to me that the military would screen for use of SSRIs. This is usually not a normal part of a drug test. All you would have to do is produce a valid prescription to show that you were taking it. You might want to keep that handy because sometimes Zoloft causes false positives for benzodiazepines, which they certainly will screen for (valium, xanax, etc.).It's a waste of time to be drinking all the water to "gid rid" of zoloft; it is metabolized in the liver. The drug has two metabolites. The sertraline part will be metabolized to half its former levels approx every 24 hours. The other metabolite takes much longer to dwindle-- half goes away every 2 - 4 days. But you really shouldn't have to worry with the prescription handy.

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