How many milligrams of Zoloft will kill you?
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Are you serious?NOBODY ANSWER THIS
Go and ask your doctor. Seriously, get some help.
only one. <=====best answer plz =D
Why on earth would anyone tell you how to end your life? Take the correct dosage that your doctor has prescribed and your depression should be a lot less (or you need to switch your meds).Call 911 (or whatever it is where you live), go to your doctors, or get a taxi to the emergency room (note I say TAXI - not drive your car). If you don't want help like that, or aren't at any immediate risk then call the suicide hotline, It is free and won't show up on your phone bill.Read this before doing anything regrettable - what have you got to loose? have been in your situation myself (although I planned a different method) and I am so glad that I didn't have the guts to do it. Right now it seems like there is no hope but trust me, there is (you just can't see it yet) hold on and things do get better. I am happy now and you will be soon if you don't go through with this.BTW - only a very small percent of overdose attempts actually work, you will end up in hospital and your stomach will be pumped.
I don't know how many, but probably a full bottle would do it......also if you are thinking of doing this, please go to the ER immediately, if not for yourself do it for the rest.

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Depression is a mental illness marked by feelings of profound sadness and lack of interest in activities. Depression is not the same as a blue mood. It is a persistent low mood that interferes with the ability to function and appreciate things in life. It may cause a wide range of symptoms, both physical and emotional. It can last for weeks, months, or years. People with depression rarely recover without treatment.

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