How much for Citalopram overdose?
Can you overdose on Citalopram/Celexa? If so, how many 20 mg pills would it take to cause death?For research purposes.
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Not an appropriate topic for Y/A.Ask your doctor (if you really need to know for "research purposes").
It would not serve to end one's life with citalopram. It would take quite a high dose, and the effects would not be death, they would be brain damage. This is a question that would be better asked in this manner "I am upset and have the desire to end my life using citalopram; is this a reasonable solution to my problem," to which the answer weould be "No. Completely unreasonable. Seek mental health assistance immediately. To kill oneself is the cure to no disease."
If you are under 24 then it may be your Citalopram that is causing you to think this way, if so, change them immediately. It could be your depression (or whatever you are being treated for). Wait for the drugs to kick in and you won't feel this way.SSRIs are very hard to overdose on (well much harder than tricyclic antidepressants). Pills in general have a very low succsess rate. When you (almost defiantly) fail you may be left with organ damage serotonin syndrome or brain damage.Call a suicide hotline or go to the emergency room and say you want to kill yourself. What have you got to lose?
There is no known fatal dose of Citalopram. People have survived taking huge doses and usually end up being monitored in hospital and fed activated charcoal until they recover enough (and it takes very little time) to be transferred to a psychiatric unit.Nausea, vomiting, sweating, tachycardia, drowsiness, coma, dystonia, convulsions, hyperventilation and hyperpyrexia have all been reported. You are more likely to end up brain-damaged from seizures and still alive.

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