The Surprising Benefits of Depression Treatment

  • The longer you wait to get professional help for depression, the more difficult the condition will be to treat. Here, to encourage you to move past denial, is a list of the often unexpected changes for the better you can enjoy when your symptoms ease and your mood improves. Make an appointment with a doctor or a therapist today and start yourself on the road to regaining the positive outlook that makes life worth living!
  • Sounder Sleep Tossing and turning all night and waking up too early are classic symptoms of depression. Ironically, lost sleep only makes your condition worse. With treatment, you'll sleep better and your mood will improve as a result.
  • A Lustier Love Life Although some medications for depression can make you lose interest in sex, depression itself is actually an even worse libido buster. Research has shown that 70% of depressed people who are not on meds report having no interest in making love. Treatment can give you back your self-esteem and your desire as well.
  • Relief from Pain When you feel better emotionally, the sensation of physical pain is lessened. People with chronic conditions such as arthritis and migraines typically experience more pain when they're depressed. This is one more very good reason to get help for your depression.
  • Better Overall Health Depression can batter your body's defenses and make you more prone to serious health problems. For example, studies have shown that depressed people who weren't treated had twice the risk of a heart attack.
  • Peak Performance on the Job When you're seriously down in the dumps, focusing is difficult. You're prone to careless mistakes and less like to be motivated to get the job done. However if you get help, you'll be able to snap back to your more productive self and not risk getting fired.
  • A Sharper Mind That feeling that you're forgetting things has a physical basis. Depression may cause structural changes in your brain. Your memory as well as your decision-making skills can be affected. Fortunately, treatment can get you back to your old self.
  • A More Peaceful Home Life If every little thing sets you off and you find yourself arguing with the ones you love most for no real reason, then depression treatment is definitely for you. Don't risk a rift with your family or create a stressful atmosphere for them. Ask for the help you need.
  • More Energy Do small chores loom as impossible tasks? Have your living space and your work space become impossibly cluttered because you don't have the drive to straighten things up and get organized? Treatment can give you back your can-do attitude and the zest that goes with it.
  • Healthier Habits Depression can cause a vicious cycle in which you don't feel like exercising so you gain weight. Then you eat more than you need in an attempt to soothe your emotional pain. Once you take meds and they kick in, or you get some good talk therapy, you'll be in a better frame of mind and you'll want to take good care of yourself again.
  • A More Active Social Life If you've been avoiding your friends and hiding out like a hermit, you are a very good candidate for treatment. The more solitary you become, the worse your depression will be. When you begin to improve, you'll want to reconnect with people you enjoy, and that in turn will help you feel better.
  • Less Chance of a Relapse You may need ongoing medication or therapy, but even if your doctor says you can take a break you'll be less likely to relapse than you would if you had struggled through your depression on your own. And if you do find yourself heading toward depression, you'll know enough to take steps toward recovery as quickly as possible so that you'll never sink to the real depths again.