What are the best pills to use over the counter to end your life?
My boyfriend of almost 4 years is in rehab i havent seen him in like 2-3 weeks. Hes in there for 28 days.. I just heard from his mom he just switched to another rehab cause i guess the other one wasnt too good. And now he has to do the 28 days thing all over again he cant call me he cant have visiters now for another 2 weeks. Im just really depressed that i cant talk to him or see him. He got a dui and its his third what if he does all this and the judge still sends him to jail? I cant live like this i love him soo much and it just really hurts i just dont wanna live anymore and wait to see what other bad sh-t happens. Can anyone pls just tell me what pill is the best and how many to take.. Im in alot of pain and i cant go through life like this any longer.Okay well im sorry im not as strong as army wives and sh-t. This is hard for me im used to talkin to him all day and seeing him its been like 3weeks and i have to wait another 4weeks. ITs not EASYIm sick of crying everyday
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Okay, don't end your life that's dumb. People who are army wives or husbands don't kill themselves after two weeks. If you love him that much you'd be able to wait . Like for real.
It is only 28 days... Wait. Go see a dr.
I Wish I Knew.
dont be selfish. How would your boyfriend react to this? How would your parents and friends? It would scar them. You CAN handle this. People have been through so much worse. Im tired of peoples BS about what they think depression and hardship is. He messed up. You deserve better. Get a backbone
First of all, you want to take you life over not seeing you boyfriend for two weeks? If that's all that is wrong, then it's not worth it at all. Do you really want to kill yourself and then have him come back from rehab and you be dead? It's totally not worth it. You'd just cause him more pain. And second of all, commiting suicide is not worth it at all. Even though you're out of pain it cause sooo much pain for your family and friends. Committing suicide is basically a selfish act. I'm not trying to be harsh, but killing yourself over something like that is not very smart. Call your local suicide life line number, stop feeling sorry or yourself, and get your act together. By the way I'm pretty sure your boyfriend won't go to jail if he's in rehab right now. Best of luck. :)
if you love him for real you would NOT kill yourself because that would destroy him.but if you must know, theres a drug called "placebo." BEST way to kill yourself (tastes sweet too) dont kill yourself. pain is very temporary. killing yoruself is permanent. you are oging to look back at this 10 years from now and be like "im glad i didnt kill myself. i would have never had my kid." chill
You shouldn't be suicidal because your boyfriend is getting help to get better. It's okay to be sad because you can't see him for a while, but what's the point of being suicidal? How would he feel if you went off and committed suicide? And even if he does go to jail, you could still visit him. If you're sick of crying, then stop crying cus crying doesn't make anything better. It's not the end of the world, so please don't do it(:
hay girl the best pills are, i want to live live pills. look things like this happen to lots of people in life i no sometimes u fell like you are alone but you are not. and nether is he. look time gos fast what ever has to do let him do it its best for him to do so, he has learn for him self all you can do is be there for him when you can and find things to keep you busy be live me it will go fast. did you no i always be live that its ok when something bad happens cause if you really look at it all or when its all over you can also see all the good that came out of it all. sometimes we just have to step back and let things happen. i no you can be strong and most likely have been strong in your pass. sometimes love can blind us and that's ok to. but if you really love him you need to be strong for the both of you and one day you will look back on this and say god what was i thinking all that worry for nothing. we are all good for that. but like they say if we write down everything we worry about on paper for the week you will find out everything you wrote down never even happen. smile i no you want to. its all good and it will pass in time all this will be behind you both best of luck to you both you will do find both of you. your friend christine
Ok the pill is called the Liz pill. My words can do more damage than any damn pill. Wake up you fool is your cat that hot? Did you even think that while your in HELL he will on with his life. Think and stop being supid. You have alot to live for. Just be thankful that he got rehab he could be in prison. Then you would have a reason to want and kill yourself. In prison he could end up being his cellmates b_tch. When he finish his program and come home, you will be happy that you didn't kill yourself. Because someone elce could be getting what you just got. He will be wanting to sex you up. On last thing i know that you miss him and he miss you to. I've never been to rehab but i'm sure that they have rules about using the phone. I told you that you didn't want the Liz pill. Good luck! Be Safe.
If you love him so much, then wait for there for him, can you imagine what this would do to him? Is that love, to leave him when he needs you the most? You have built your life around this man, and I know what that is like, but you have to make your foundation right, you have to put yourself first, and have your own life too..because then when things like this happens everything collapses...God first, you second and everybody else third, learn to love yourself in this time, be your own best company, and start your search for God...and when he gets out you'll be twice the person he is away from now, you can also just tune in to him, I am sure you are connected, and feel his presence and his love while you do this. If you go to the next world you will not see him again..I am sure that is not what you want.

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