Where can I go for emergency anxiety medication?
I have been experiencing extreme anxiety with slight paranoia at times and depression. I have nowhere to turn on my campus as nobody here knows about it. It is becoming debilitating to the point where I can't even complete school work at times. Tonight, it is really bad, there's nobody here, and I really feel like cutting myself. I cut last night on my legs but I want to cut my arms as it gives (for me personally) a better effect. I know I can't as I go to elementary schools in the area and people would see. I was wondering if anybody knew someplace where I could go to get an emergency anxiety medication until I can get prescribed a more permanent one. I'm sure there are people against meds, but with my history (8 Inpatient hospitalizations and at least 6 partial hospitalizations) it is best for me to resume a medication regimen. So, with all of this said (sorry it was so long), does anybody know of a place that would be able to provide that for me? If not, how about any tools I can use for the interim to avoid situations that could potentially have me hospitalized? Thank you for any help!!
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You won't be hospitalized for anxiety. In an emergency you need to go to your local ER for medication.
You can go to the nearest emergency room and explain the mental condition that you are in and that you need help. They will give you something right there and will also give you a prescription. You can ask them for a referral to a psychiatrist as they would know the best.
Do you have a campus hospital? If not, go to your local Emergency Room. Other than that, try going for a walk or focusing on something like a crossword puzzle. Go to the college recreation room where there are people. I hope this helps.
if you don't want to be hospitalized, don't cut and don't say that you're cutting. the best choice for emergency medication is to go to the emergency room. tell the physician there everything you just said, (minus the cutting) and also ask for a referral to counseling center. you will need to see a counselor and psychiatrist (or nurse practitioner) for meds.Do you think you need to be hospitalized though? do you feel safe? i know cutting isn't about suicide, but you need to other ways of dealing with stress, anxiety and depression other than cutting. stop going off your meds. just resign yourself to the fact that you will need to take them for the long haul. i mean, so what?
Go to the hospital

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