Why do I just want to stay in bed all day?
I've taken to napping for hours in the day time and lying awake in bed at night.I ignore the people around me unless I'm in a particularly good mood and it's really difficult to gather any kind of enthusiasm or motivation to do anything. It's affecting my college work and people are noticing I've been less sociable recently.But I've reached a point when I don't know if how I feel is really how I feel. I went through a phase where I was sure that I was depressed and researched the symptoms. Now I don't know whether I actually feel bad or whether I'm just making myself into the internet definition.I'm restless and irritable but that's nothing new and again I just don't know what's me and what's my mind anymore.Just what the hell am I doing?I've been looking at sleep apnea and I don't think I snore but I remember being told by my sister that I stop breathing in the middle of the night.Also can't go to doctor - he thinks i'm a hypochondriac
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I would say youre preparing to hibernate for the winter, but its not winter anymore.
do you snore? if so you might have sleep apnea
I think you have depression..
You could be depressed. Depressed people (and I have been depressed) want to sleep a lot. Sometimes I have even thought that I was 'sleeping my life away.' And since nothing seems to be able to pull you out of this mood I would seriously think about this being depression. On the other hand if you are tired all the time and just don't have the motivation to do anything then you could have hypothyroidism. That's when your thyroid doesn't produce enough hormones. It can make you very tired and unable to be motivated to do anything. I have had depression and I currently have hypothyroidism. I would suggest you go to the doctor and tell them how you feel and how much you sleep. That no matter what you do it is hard for you to really care about doing anything. Be sure to be honest. They are there to help you.You can learn more about depression here: about hypothyroidism here: you get put on an antidepressant medication make sure you understand the risks and side effects. 9 years ago I was given Paxil for anxiety and depression as with any antidepressant they have the possible side effect of weight gain (I gained 70 pounds in 9 years) and not being able to achieve orgasm. Also antidepressants (Paxil in particular) is very difficult to get off of. It's almost like withdrawing from recreational drugs (I would imagine). It took me 4 weeks to get off, but I am better now. I am taking Wellbutrin which is an antidepressant that does not have the side effect of weight gain or orgasm repression. I am not telling all this to scare you I am telling you this because I wish my doctor would have told me this all these years ago. I want you to know there are options out there. Just like the Wellbutrin. Not all medications work on people the same way, so you have to find something that works for you.As for hypothyroidism what is done is you take a medication that tells your thyroid to release more hormones. Sometimes you only have to be on the medication for a short while, but sometimes you have to be on it for the rest of your life. But being able to cure something by taking one pill a day is pretty good considering the alternatives of something else or not having a cure at all. No matter if you do not have depression or hypothyroidism you need to see a doctor and tell them how you feel. Something is wrong. That is no way to live you life. Believe me I know. And if the doctor you go to doesn't listen to you (and him accusing you of being an hypochondriac is rude and unprofessional), then you go to another one until you get one that listens to you. It took me a year until I found one that would listen to me. (I was 16 at the time so doctors didn't want to give me antidepressants, so that is why it was hard for me.)You deserve to feel better and you can. Good luck!

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