A1C test = 5.7 good or bad?
i recently had my a1c test since i am not a diabetic 3 months ago in august and it was 5.7 is that good or bad and should i be worried that i will be soon?
Posted 3 years ago in Other by ArtSoiling


5.7% is slightly elevated, but not incredibly. An average, non diabetic A1C is in the range of 4.6 and 5.1 -- with 5.1 being about 100mg/dl -- Your blood sugar is still below the 'diabetic' threshold at 5.7% and is very likely 'normal'. However if you are at risk for diabetes you still need to live a lifestyle to accomodate. IE: Overweight, poor diet, smoking, family history, and other risk factors.Don't worry -- keep getting checked if you are at risk and modify your lifestyle to be as healthy as possible -- You can stave off diabetes if you are diligent with lifestyle much of the time with a potential type II Dx.
It is absolutely perfect. No indication of a blood sugar disorder.
This is a normal A1C. You are not a diabetic. Unless there is reason to suspect that you are at risk for diabetes I wonder why this test was done. There is nothing that you should do at this time. There is no reason for you to worry. I wish you the very best of health and happiness and in all things may God bless. JR
Very good anything below 6 is great

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Type 1 diabetes usually begins in children and young adults. Over the long-term, if type 1 diabetes is not adequately treated, high blood sugar levels can damage the blood vessels, heart, kidneys, eyes, nerves, and other tissues or organs.

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