blood sugar level is 194 how to lower it?
just found out im a diabetic and my blood sugar level was 206 now it is 194 how do i lower it more what can i eat to help this out
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clearly you need to learn more about diabetes. only insulin & medicine can lower sugar levels. I suggest starting on Diabetes com and call your doc
Drink lots of water and exercise. You really need to know more about how to care for yourself. Diabetes is a serious disease that should be managed carefully. You should met with your endocrinologist and his team, and they will explain everything to you.Hope I helped! :)
Forget the moron that said only medicine and insulin. Obviously diet and exersise are key factors and you can study up on those on your own but, a quick and easy tool is simply drinking more water. Stay away from fruit juice, only whole fruits are ok. Milk will make it high to. Like I said though a simple starting tool is drinking more water.

What is Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is when the body does not make enough insulin. Insulin is a hormone that helps your body convert food into energy. Without insulin, glucose (sugar) from the food you eat cannot enter cells. So glucose builds up in the blood. Your body tissue becomes starved for energy.

Type 1 diabetes usually begins in children and young adults. Over the long-term, if type 1 diabetes is not adequately treated, high blood sugar levels can damage the blood vessels, heart, kidneys, eyes, nerves, and other tissues or organs.

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